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One of my favs from vgcats.

Re: Webcomics!!!

Here's my list:

1) Girl Genius- Action, adventure, and mad science set in an alternate Victorian era Europe. My favorite characters are these humanoid monsters called the Jagermonsters. Also the art is awesome and in color!

2) Megatokyo- Another good series, starts off kinda slow but quickly drags you in to an engrossing story.

3) Applegeeks- Used to be mostly comedy but has since moved into a more serious tone. It recently finished with a crossover with Megatokyo, again awesome art and colors.

3) Perry Bible Fellowship- Funniest thing ever.

4) Van Von Hunter- A side kick with no name, vampire leprachans, and a little girl sorceress who is also the greatest evil in the universe. The characters are all unique, and some of the jokes had me cracking up. An enjoyable read definantly.

5) Crowfeathers- A wild west setting with fantasy elements, interestingly enough it is only updated about once a month, but the updates are full chapters.

6) The WhoGirl- A city in the grip of an evil corporation and WhoGirl stands ready to defend her neighborhood with the help of an underground resistance. Good art and a lot more violent than I expected it to be.

7) No Need For Bushido- Action/comedy, this comic parallels/parodies Ruroni Kenshin at times (and does it well), excellent art and memorable characters. It started kind of slow but definantly picked up fast.

8 ) The Order of the Stick- A D&D type parody with excellent writing and well drawn stick figures.
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Re: Webcomics!!!

Dr. Strangefate said:
Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi - ****ING AWESOME. Combines most of the Nicktoons and Cartoon Network shows of the past decade into one cohesive universe. Romance between Blossom and Dexter? Invader ZIM?? I just wish they'd get back to the story... It can be a long while betwixt new comics.

I just read that, ****ING AWESOME is right! Geez though it hasn't been updated since April, I hope they bring it back soon...
Re: Webcomics!!!

I only read one web comic, Ctrl+Alt+Del. It's pretty much nothing but video game humor.

I get my published comics e-mailed to me everyday, comics.com. My all time favorite comicstrip is Get Fuzzy. I'm also a dilbert fan, though.
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