Weird Dreams

Dream so weird that it woke me up: I dreamed that I had this really bad acne breakout on the side of my face, and it was so bad that I could literally see it forming like my skin was bubbling. In one area this HUGE boil started forming that was about 3 inches across, but it was sort of clear and inside were 2 pink leaves floating around. It eventually ruptured and as the bloody pus started pouring out the leaves fell and grew into these gross little pink frogs that just hopped away.

I usually require copious amounts of acid to experience dreams like that.
When I was little I had a dream The Blue Men Group went postal on a mall and killed my sister and my mom while we were all hiding in a closet. Woke up when they turned the gun on me.
I guess I'm the only one who finds my childhood nightmare hilarious. *shrugs*
Couple nights ago I had a dream where myself, and other people I didn't know, were in Batman suits. Mark Wahlberg was also in the dream, and from time to time in it, wearing a Batman suit as well, as he rapped about Batman in service elevator.

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