What else can Loeb ruin?

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Since Loeb is writing the Ultimatum crossover that could reboot the entire UU and since he has already ruined Ultimates, what else can he ruin?

Let's see, Loeb uses the power of retcon to make MJ and Peter cousins. They found out about this, yet oddly, it makes them even more attracted to each other.


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He did the impossible and made Wolverine worse, having him evolve from a werewolf caveman or something.

Also, remember we can ridicule his ideas, but not the man himself.


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He can make all of what's happened/happening in the UU a complete and utter figment of Wolverine's imagination.

And the scary thing, he's already planted the seed.


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(So, I was going to make a hilarious solicit cover, but I'm way too lazy)

Anyway, Marvel Illustrated: Finnegan's Wake (and it was gonna have the little guy on the cover of the book saying "Suck It!")

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