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  1. Iceshadow

    Fall of the Hulks (event discussion)

    The first part "Alpha" came out this week, it was decent, it's mostly about what The Leader and several other genius villains have been doing behind the scenes for years. They are kind of an Anti-Illuminate (in a truer sense than Osborne's "Cabal"), building up a wealth of knowledge for their...
  2. ProjectX2

    Ultimate X (Loeb/Adams)

    I am surprised no one is talking about this. I especially liked this line: "People who've read the (top secret) scripts are surprised how different they are from my other work in the Ultimate Universe, harking back to things like 'Superman For All Seasons.' My hope is readers enjoy it as much...
  3. Captain Canuck

    Spider-Man Spider-Man: Blue

    I just bought and read "Spider-Man: Blue" today. I have to say, it's probably one of my favourite trades now. I haven't ever read anything by Loeb that I liked this much, I've always thought that even his "good" stuff was pretty poorly written. But Blue was a really touching love story. And...
  4. ProjectX2

    Do you read Loeb's Hulk?

    I'm just curious.
  5. mike3717

    Ultimate Hulk Annual #1 (Spoilers...if you care.)

    I flipped through this real briefly in my LCS today. Pretty much all I read was 616 Wrecking Crew fighting Supremeverse chick from UP and Hulk in a diner handing over money and saying "Hulk want pancakes and sausage and eggs or Hulk will smash". Did anyone buy this or read it? Is it as bad as...
  6. Sacred&Profane

    Ultimatum series discussion [spoilers]

    First of all, say "Loeb" twenty times really fast. That describes his overall quality. (I do pronounce it 'Lobe") Second: this wasn't as bad as I had expected, but then, I expected Ultimates 3 even a forced enema is preferable. The art is outstanding. Third: Okay. Those opening...
  7. Goodwill

    New Ultimates

    So, on top of Millar's "Ultimate Avengers" there will be a title (written by Loeb) called "New Ultimates". I **** you not.
  8. Ironlurker

    Ultimate Captain America Annual Discussion

    The "Annual" for your perusal brothers.....
  9. Ice

    Loeb/Silvestri project in works? And who else may be involved?!

    LitG: It looks like you just can’t have private conversations at San Diego Comic Con anymore. One Gutterati writes to say, "I was getting a few books signed by Jeph Loeb when Rob Liefeld stopped by to say hi. Jeph and Rob were chatting when Loeb turned to Rob and said "Hey. Silvestri still...
  10. the watcher

    Ultimate Captain America & Ultimate Hulk Annuals?

    Yes it's true Jeph Loeb in a interview over at says that there will be an Ultimate annual for not only Captain America but the Hulk as well... read more here:
  11. the watcher

    First Ultimatum cover...

  12. T

    What else can Loeb ruin?

    Since Loeb is writing the Ultimatum crossover that could reboot the entire UU and since he has already ruined Ultimates, what else can he ruin? Let's see, Loeb uses the power of retcon to make MJ and Peter cousins. They found out about this, yet oddly, it makes them even more attracted to...
  13. Bass

    The Golden Loeb Awards

    According to Marvel, they're doing their Golden Loeb Awards. I swear to God, Golden Loeb awards. My friend, Vampire Will, put me onto this as he is aware of my disgust for Loebian scribing, so I give it my stamp of approval.
  14. the watcher

    Ultimates 3 #1-5 discussion [Loeb/Madureira] [spoilers]

    Not a bad start for Loeb's first Ultimates issue the title lives up to the name in the first frame. "Sex, Lies, & DVD, as we see most of the team watching a video of Tony and Natalia having... relations. And it seems as if the whole team is in a really bad mood. So there they are Hawkeye...
  15. F

    Ultimates 3 # 1 Art

    ign has some art from issue #1 Looks pretty good. I'm pretty pumped for this.
  16. Ice

    Loeb/McGuinness' The Hulk (Discussion/Spoilers).

    Say whaaaat? No, for serious. As CBR puts it: Creators Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness bring you "The HULK," an all-new ongoing series from Marvel Comics. What does this mean for Greg Pak's "The Incredible Hulk?" CBR News has the answers for you. A snippet: "The Hulk mythos is about to...
  17. Ice

    Touching the Ultimates with Jeph Loeb (NSFW)

    From Wondercon news at Newsarama, Jeph Loeb had this to say when asked about his issues on the Ultimates 3 and 4: Asked when readers might see his and Joe Madureira’s Ultimates 3, Loeb joked that, in the interest of fairness, he had to admit that he was the one who kept calling Bryan...
  18. TheManWithoutFear

    Ultimate Power series discussion [spoilers]

    Uh... Been there, done that. 1/5 They fight the serpent squad. Ben's feelings are hurt. Reed is frustrated he can't cure Ben. Reed asks SHIELD to donate money to explore dimensions via probes. Fury asks if it's about Ben again and tells him the answer is no (makes references to...
  19. SSJmole

    Heroes seasons 1 & 2 series discussion [spoilers]

    Sounds very promising. I hope it comes to the uk. If not i'll have to buy it on dvd from usa. For the americans on here it starts January 1, 2007 on NBC
  20. Fuzzy Birds

    Wizard announces Jeph Loeb and Joe Madureira on Ultimates 3

    As reported by, Jeph Loeb and Joe Madureira will be taking over on Ultimates Volume 3, taking the helm after Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch. JEPH LOEB MOVES TO MARVEL The DC writer heads to the House of Ideas to do Ultimates with Joe Madureira! PLUS: Exclusive first look...