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Jan 31, 2006
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So, the Ultimization Game is on hiatus, so I figured we could try something different in the interim.

The premise is similar to the old game, but instead of trying to work pre-existing characters into the Ultimate Universe, the idea is to sketch out a new iteration of the Marvel Universe built around a common conceit, a la Gaiman's Marvel 1602 or Marvel 2099. You can either sketch out how the whole universe will work, or bits and pieces. Before we start the game, I'm going to use this thread as a barometer for interest in the game. I'll post the rules here, as well as a survey of five potential what-if scenarios. Check any that you realistically see yourself competing in. If we get a good enough turn-out, I'll start rolling with the game next Sunday. We can also use this thread to hammer out the rules in a fashion that will make everyone happy.

I figure, each game will run approximately a week and a half. Each new round needs to go up by midnight EST on Sunday. It will go for a week and a few days, with entries ending midnight on Thursday. Voting will open up as soon as the round is closed, and will run until midnight on Saturday. The winner will need to have the next round posted by that Sunday at midnight. Other than that, the rules will run pretty much exactly the way the ultimization game does. It will run for five rounds, at which point we'll move on to a different game. To start off, I'm going to put a few different options for ultimization, just to make sure that we can find a topic that generally interests people.

Edit: So.... err...... I forgot to post a poll. Ah-heh)
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Start it again, PM a mod and give 'em a link to this thread and they'll delete it. (Me, Proj, Ice, E, Seldes, Cad - whoever)
I think it'd be really difficult to try to get everyone to conceive of an alternate universe for each round, even within the time allotted.

Perhaps we should narrow the scope of each round as being 'one franchise and what-ifness' per round. As in Stone Age Iron Man in one round, British-India X-Men in another, Fantastic Four in China in another, etc...

I know Compound is game for this. He's been raring to re-nationalize Marvel characters, by taking familiar characters and giving them different nationalities in the present day as one multinational superhuman world (as opposed to the NY-centralized 616).
Honestly, most of my fan-fic ideas revolve around certain "What If" elements.

I've posted really early ideas about my "X-Riders" concept featuring the X-Men in the Old West... which I'm still working on and it's evolved into something much more complex than I'd originally planned, but still fun and enjoyable to write.

I've also been working on a complete revamp of the Batman mythos which I may or may not post eventually. Taking the billionaire out of Bruce Wayne is part of it. It's a lot closer, probably a lot more street-level than Chris Nolan's Batman than anything seen in the Batman comics.

This sounds fun though... but it would make for HUGE posts unless there were certain limits set to it.
I would love this game, but I do think this would be so far-reaching it would take lots of time.

My big Fic/RPG storyline is a big What If? where basically I take the classic Amalgam concept but mix DC and Ultimate Marvel. It focuses on The Ultimate League of Justice (ULJ), lead by Superman, the last son of Asgard, and financed by Bruce Stark, the Iron Bat.

Basically, it comes down to an Ultimates/JLA mix-up

That would be fun to write up...I might post the fan-fic here, even without this What If game...
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Now I'm tired of this blaming bull**** mess. The threads are gone, forget about how they're gone.

You have this thread, use this, AND GET ON WITH THE GAME ALREADY.
Wow, we can't ***** now either huh?
Not when you're wasting the thread on just whining about old threads being gone, no.

Seriously, just move on. You're coming off as threads were delete with malicious intent. If you don't want threads being gone, say so, and they can be saved. No one said anything about keeping them, so it's pointless to keep threads around wasting DB space.

Enough with this crying about this and that, and if you're going to play, START A GAME.

If not, then just stop.
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Also whenever you do these kinds of things, you should be smart enough to save the entries. I always did (even though it was useless because my computer died anyway). The internet is a dangerous place.
Okay. We can do this.

Wait. No we can't. I can't start a thread in this forum. Hm.
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