What May Be The Best Game-Based Movie In The History Of Ever

From Ourchair's idea

I'm too lazy to do one for Candyland and Trouble.

I also had a brilliant idea for Uno. But then I lost it.

Damn you and your laziness.

I'd do it. . .but I suck with Photoshop. :(

And for Uno. . .for some reason, I thought of Ocean's Eleven when I saw the poster.
I wouldn't ordinarily call this the best of the bunch, but it's definitely the most ****ing imaginative... SCRABBLE AS JAPANESE HORROR!!!!!!

It's like Pulse meets Jumanji.

+500 Ourchair Points even if it isn't exactly Ourchair Point-worthy. Because I can.

That's a ripoff exported wannabe version of Operation. I don't think even the Asians would want to bootleg that.

Which is why we only bootleg it to sell to American tourists.

I've lost count of how many white people buy 'box set bootlegs' of ER.
They did this already.

It is called ER and it sucks yet has been running for 14 seasons.

I always thought Scrubs was Operation, not ER. I mean, when you touch the sides of the guy, you laugh, you don't go "DAMMIT! We've. . .we've lost him".
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Random can make this poster, since he is far better than me at it.

But, here's the slogan for Operation

He's the worlds best doctor. The hospital he works at is taken by terrorists so he can save their leader. Will he save the patient, or allow him to die? Either way, this is most likely his last...


Watch out for the water in the knee. Coming Fall 2009.

Starring Denzel Washington and Colin Farrel.

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