What Will You Do With Your Economic Stimulus Check?

Prostitutes. Mostly female.
I'm taking intro to economics class this year My teacher begins every class with a prayer and refers to people as "The lord's shepherds"

This weirds me out to no end
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have to pay twice it back to the government eventually. *sigh* this is so not the answer to stimulating the economy :( The only thing that is going to help us now is electing an economist as president.
I'm getting mine exchanged into pennies, then I'm draining my hot tub and refilling it with said pennies.
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I assume that's what you civilians are calling your tax refund?

Well I've already filed. And I'm getting a little less back than I thought. And apparently, even though I haven't lived there in 10 years--my home of record is still MD. And MD law states that all military members' income, regardless of physical residence, as long as your home of record says MD, they can tax you. So I now owe $650 in state tax to MD.

Have I mentioned how much I hate MD and never want to step foot in the state again?
Nope, this is separate and different.

$600 per taxpayer, $1200 for married couples, $300 per kid.

i thought it was 600 - 1200 per taxpayer and doubled for married couples. So i thought there would be a potential of 2400 for a married couple.

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