Where else do you post? (version II?)


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Nov 30, 2004
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
I looked hard and couldn't find the existing thread.

Seriously. I did. But I couldn't but the main reason I wanted to revise it was to see where the n00bers posted and wanted to see who let them get away with their terrible posting etiquette.


Jinxworld (Benbo)
The Cabal (BKV)
ED Boards (Deadpool)
Imageboards (Kirkman)

Banned for life from
www.gamefaqs.com as ssjmole (which would be my name here but i ****ed up)

but this is only one i post on daily
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Jinxworld once in a blue moon, and MillarWorld even less.
I go to marvelmasterworks.com and hang with all the cool fogies and get on the inside for Ice cause I'm cool like that.
I was at one of the LCS's today and the guy put it nicely. Too much Ego at Jinxworld and, like he was reading my mind, said they kissed too much ***. I'm talking about the Bendis Boards. They're the same thing.

I don't like the way threads are all just thrown together in one big pot on Jinxworld - there's FAR too much off-topic trash talk in personal or adult threads, and it spills over into the threads about comics too, and I get tired of it. Plus it's hard to find the comics discussion threads, because they get buried in the off-topic stuff. There are a few very interesting posters there, though, and I like the two weekly review threads, which is generally all I read/post in. It has contingent of comics readers I have the least in common with. In music terms, Jinxworld would be the biggest, loudest, raunchiest thrash metal site.

So, for me:
Your Mother's Basement
Avengers Forever
CBR occasionally
Newsarama VERY occasionally (Joe Q even answered one of my questions this week)

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