Where else do you post? (version II?)


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Mainly I just post on here and Ideastorm.

If I have something to ask, then I'll post on Millarworld, The Cabal, or Fabletown. I'm also members to a lot of other sites, but I normally just read the posts there.


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I've posted a few times at:

Bendis Boards
The Comic Bloc
BKV.tv Cabal
Warren Ellis' The Engine

Also in the past I've been a member of the DC Boards and the Marvel Boards (which I avoid these days so the stupid doesn't kill me), as well as a frequent member of the Montrose Academy forum (havent posted there now in a year or so) which used to be attached to the Webcomic, The Jar, and now is attached to Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki. As a young gay boy I posted on a few Slash Fiction and Yaoi fanboards, but those faded as HP5 came out, I came out, and dropped thinly veiled gay subtext for actually being a homosexual. I've been known to post on the Sondheim.com boards and one of the Dead Like Me message boards from time to time... And when I watched Everwood I used to go to a board to get spoilers, but it is long gone from my favorites. Every now and then I join a new forum... but UC is my only long-term commitment.

UC is home, especially now that I can talk about DC books here, which I used to use The Comic Bloc forums for... but those are a coalition of DC writers and artists (including Geoff Johns and Greg Rucka), and therefore the board is polluted with a lot of newbies CONSTANTLY.

I also run my own forum: The World Tree, but It's pretty dead at the moment. Idealistically its there for my high school group of friends to keep in touch, but anyone is welcome to join. We just ask that you use your real name if you do. (My name is James, in case you're curious).


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Also in the past I've been a member of the DC Boards and the Marvel Boards (which I avoid these days so the stupid doesn't kill me)

Boy, did the Marvel boards get overrun by hordes of painfully awful posters. They make Newsarama look good.

The Engine is interesting but I don't log on often enough to keep up with the discussions.

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Ultimate-X.com (where I'm a contributor and write up summaries of issues)
Millarworld (formerly -- I don't even visit any more)
Comixfans.com (rarely)
Marvel.com boards (where I answer a lot of basic questions for posters, a couple of whom think I'm a mod or something)

I used to post quite a bit at

The first two are Star Wars sites (obviously) and the last two are Harry Potter sites, but Episode III put me off Star Wars, and The Order of the Phoenix kind of ruined the Harry Potter series for me.

A lot of the creators' sites like Jinxworld and The Engine are just so much like stepping into the men's locker room that I now won't even visit them to do research on characters or titles, let alone register to post.


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I only post here. Really.

Actually, you guys can use that as an advertising campaign. "Visit Ultimate Central, the only comic forum endorsed by International Awesome Champion, Zombipanda!"

Hopefully it will bring us new members - members with huge milkbags, who wear nothing but chocolate syrup.


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Ideastorm (Baxter)
Around Comics (Baxter)
Image Forums (Baxter)
Occasionaly Millarworld (EdwardFPfender)


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I pretty much stick to the UC. Except the couple of times where I've posted on Ideastorm.


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UC is my home sweet home and always will be, but I've been registered at a few other places.

I'm on Millarworld as "Sean Doyle". I think I posted once, and when I didn't get so much as a casual "welcome" I realized that giant, creator-owned megaboards were too big and mean for someone as attention-craving as myself. Plus, whenever I get on it seems that every time I try to do something I'm told that I "don't have permission to access this feature" and a lot of the current discussion seems to be geared towards Civil War, which I'm avoiding like the plague.

I posted here for a while when Baxter started plugging it, but the place is slooooowwww. I haven't been there in a while.

Posted here while I was filled to the gills with Batman Begins excitement. Haven't been back since.

Of course I've taken advantage of Ideastorm, but I don't think of it as a place for regular posting, just for the occasional creative brainstorming session and when UC goes offline.

And last but not least, the Internet Movie Database, where I usually go when UC is getting slow (Under "HmSmpsn3"). I first joined up to talk about Superman Returns and became one of the major SR supporters on the board. Lately, I've been hanging around the Dark Knight boards, but I've started to realize how awfully repetitive the place is. Thanks to IMDB, have seen the full extent of what trolling can be and have been witness to the kinds of horrors you can only imagine. I can safely say that the SR board eventually became the biggest, most festering nest of idiots, racists, homophobes (Those are everywhere on IMDB. You literally can't get away from them.), and generally rotten people I have ever seen on the internet. And months later, some of them are still there. I suppose the only reason why I bother with IMDB is because things are kept so tranquil on UC that I need a gaggle of antagonistic ****tards to argue with and remind me why things are so great here.

God bless UC.
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I post at Ideastorm as Houde

But, I also post at Cursed Lodoss which is a slow board, but it's the board we post at exploring nations that we invented, and put on this tiny world. The admin abandoned the site, because she couldn't come up with anymore stories and decided that she couldn't write anymore, than no one could, so she closed our original board, so we opened a new one. She came back, obviously, everyone comes back, but the board is decent. Not alot of n00bs and everyone gets along. I'm even a mod there.


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i post my art on digitalwebbing, superherohype, cbr and quesada boards sometimes but it just usually gets ignored :lol: