Which Spider-Man Theme do you think is the best.

the watcher

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Out of all the verson of the Spider-Man Theme songs. Which do you think is the best.

The Amazing Spider-Man Theme Song:

The Amazing Spider-Man (Live Action):

Japanese Spider-Man Theme Song:

Spider-Man (1981) Theme Song:

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends Theme Song:

Spider-Man Theme (90's):

Spider-Man Unlimited:


Michael Bublé:

The Ramones:


Apollo 440:

Spectacular Spider-Man Theme (Full)

Spider-Man (The Movie):

Spide-Man 2 (Opening Credits):

Spider-Man 3 (Opening Credits)

Captain Canuck

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well, the 60s is a classic
and the 90s will always hold a special place in my heart.

But I have to admit I love the funk guitar in the live action show (Amazing Spider-Man)

I didn't even know that show existed.


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The Spider-Man 2 theme by a very wide margin. Followed by the other two movies, the 1967 classic, and the 90s Animated theme.


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The original is probably the best. It's been added on to and improved on, but it's still classic. I like the Ramones and Apollo 440 versions of the original. Hate the Michael Buble version. I always liked the theme for Amazing Friends. The theme for Spectacular Spider-Man is cool too. The '90s theme song is dumb. The scores for the movies are great.

I have to say though, I'm 100% sure that this song was in the Iron Man movie:

I love these two.:D
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