Who Am I? Game (UC!)


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Sep 15, 2004
Since the other Who Am I? games are getting a bit old, I thought I'd breathe a breath of fresh air into the franchise. Same rules as the other ones, except this time you have to pick a UC member!

And it would be advised you pick someone you actually know, and posts often, we don't all want to have 5 pages dedicated to UltimateHulkFan4504.

It will be fun if these require a lot of UC history and knowledge too.

I'll start with:

  • I often almost kill myself
  • I smell of meat


Wow, this is going to get old real fast if no one else goes.

EDIT: **** you, Ultxon.
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-I was one of the first posters on the site.
-I have an almost imcomprehensible amount of comic book info stored away.
-One of the UC members almost made me shut down in a fanfic.
- I've had 3 user names
- I lobbied for a forum we never got
- I was a hardcore n00b, but now I'm cool
Patriot/Johnny Bravo?
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Damnit, I had guessed MWoF, but edited it to Johnny Bravo because I couldn't remember XTFLyons.

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