Who should save Johnny? (Frightful Four Arc Spoilers)

Who's gonna save the Human Torch?

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Man-Thing, just because they haven't explained him yet. Though, the Inhumans would be cool too.

Reed already said he couldn't, and Doom. . .well, it seems too obvious.
I would love for Man-Thing. That's what I'm hopeing for. Just so Millar can wow us with a bit of explanation/easter-egg/treat.

Reed - So he can be the hero. He's the guy who has to overcome a lot to pull this through. If anything he can figure it out someway useing the resources Doom's left behind in the very hands of his enemy.

The Inhumans - I want Crystal to be a bigger part of Johnny's life and for her to just ditch him like that seemed a bit off. I hope she can convince the others to help Johnny out.

Doom - Obviously steps in and helps just to move the story along. The least interesting option IMO.

Johnny - I thought it would totally be appropriate for him to just burn the thing from the inside. Total acceptable useage of superpowers. Especially in this title.

****! I left off Namor.... Sorry guys. (Again) I wouldn't mind seeing his arrogance come into play here but he's about as low in this situation to me as Doom's saving Johnny.

Still not sure who I want to pick but Man-Thing is the front runner.
Man, I'm confused. The thread is asking who should save Johnny, as in asking you to choose the person you'd think would be the coolest or something.

And then the poll asks who is going to save Johnny, which is liking choosing the most sensible option.
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Doom has got to be the one to save Johnny. Doubling crossing Reed would mean Johnny would die. I know he's not going to die, but that would mean he was prepared to murder Johnny for no good reason. That can't be tolerated by the UFF. If Johnny were to die Reed would spill the beans on Doom and Doom's fun would be over. Plus attacking Johnny with the parasite was only a means to an end. Johnny's death doesn't serve any purpose for Doom.

BTW, it should be Who's not Whose in the poll question.
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I'd love it if Doom walked in on the picture, put down the zombies like filthy rats, had a light breakfast with a few beers, then neatly removed the dark god from inside Johnny.

And he does all of this just so he can gloat at Richards afterwards. And when Reed responds with a "good job, man. Thanks" instead of acting completely humiliated, it just pisses off Doom even more.

I'd honestly like to see Doom succeed. I think the character works a lot better when he's a genuine foil to Reed. He should be as formidable a mind as Reed, at least, but I think having him succeed and still walk away pissed would really draw a line in the sand. Doom uses his intellect to garner fear and respect. Reed does it to help people.
Man-thing: the question is how ?

Inhumans: Black bolt obiviosly hates humans (i think it would be a nice twist making maximus the repressed brother(declared morbid and insane by black bolt behind his back) and Black bolt an king lost in the depths of hybris) If he
found out that crystal helped jonny I don't want to know the result

Doom : it's the most logical reason and also he knows more things than Reed and
has acess to Technology That would make Tony envy him. I think for him to keep his word as natural as breathing.

Namor : would be funny ... and we all know the reason Why ;)
Man-Thing? Where does he come from? I missed something?

I'm guessing Johnny may end up doing the heavy lifting because it is supposed to be his arc, right?

Zombieverse crossover was about Reed, Namor focused on Sue and President Thor was about Ben. So this should be about Johnny.

Otherwise, I'd feel it appropriate if his sister saved him.
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BTW, is there some Man-Thing history I'm unaware of that would make it possible for him to cure Johnny? I mean does he have blood that heals anyone who drinks it like 616 Angel?
I looked at who voted.

I can conclude that my vote is worth twice as much as that of Hibiki or Ultimatedjf but half as much as that of Goodwill.

Now I agree with the first but the second is an outrage!
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Hibiki said:
What? How did that happen?

This site isn't a democracy, it's an aristocracy. I just thought I was one of the aristocrats, damn it! But it seems to be Goodwill instead. I feel a revolution coming!

Speaking of which, you heard the Aristocrats joke? A man, his wife and their daughter meet a talent agent and...

PS : Just in case the problem is solved at a later date I will explain it so I don't look like a moron : Goodwill vote in Other counts for two while Hibiki and Ultimatedjf in Namor counts for a single vote at the time of writing these lines.
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