Why I Should Right LEGION OF SUPERHEROES by MightyGodKing

I agree. Those are some brilliant ideas.

I never liked the Legion. But the last two Jim Shooter have been really good.

I mean I seriously loved them. A lot.
I've never read the Legion. Never really liked them. It always seemed too Star Trekky to me.

But this is awesome, primarily because it's so ******* big. It's like taking the epicness of a current day superhero comic and dialing it up to 14, and that's the way it should be. I'd read this in a heartbeat.

He should co-write Legion of Superheroes with me. :D I'm gonna start my own petition, and it'll dwarf this petition.
The last two Shooter issues have been amazingly good.

Prior to that, it's been awful for three years.

Otherwise, they're some of the best comics I ever read for much of their run.

I will read this guys petition at a later time.

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