Why I Should Right LEGION OF SUPERHEROES by MightyGodKing


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I like his reasons. He should right it, and I don't even read the book. :D


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Good god. I'd read that. I'd read the ever loving **** out of that!



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I agree. Those are some brilliant ideas.

I never liked the Legion. But the last two Jim Shooter have been really good.

I mean I seriously loved them. A lot.


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I've never read the Legion. Never really liked them. It always seemed too Star Trekky to me.

But this is awesome, primarily because it's so ******* big. It's like taking the epicness of a current day superhero comic and dialing it up to 14, and that's the way it should be. I'd read this in a heartbeat.

He should co-write Legion of Superheroes with me. :D I'm gonna start my own petition, and it'll dwarf this petition.

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The last two Shooter issues have been amazingly good.

Prior to that, it's been awful for three years.

Otherwise, they're some of the best comics I ever read for much of their run.

I will read this guys petition at a later time.

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