Avengers Why is the Hood's gang so boring and unimpressive?

The Overlord

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Jun 4, 2005
Am I the only who thinks the Hood's gang is really boring and unimpressive so far?

A lot of these villains are supposed to geniuses as well (like the Wizard) so why would they all serve the Hood?

It seems like these villains jobbing to the Hood to make him look cooler. Besides Hood and maybe Jigsaw, none of these villains have displayed any personality in this group. They all come off as minions, instead of characters with their own personality.

It be easy and far more interesting to give these villains some personality and have some group interaction. Some of the thug villains would be impressed with the Hood because of intelligence and the fact that he is a product of the streets, however others should have their own agendas:

Wizard could be the "starscream" of the group, secretly planning on overthrowing the Hood after he has done all the leg work, Purple Man as the scary psycho everyone kinda dislikes and who has only joined the group for kicks, Jonas Harrow as the one who is merely interested in pursuing his agenda of advancing his own bizarre experiments and stays loyal because he believes the resources from this group will help in this cause, etc.

This group should be far more interesting than the way Bendis writes them. This group is completely unimpressive.

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