Winter Solider: Winter Kills One Shot Discussion (Spoilers)


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Nov 30, 2004
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Flashback to Christmas, London, 1944

Bucky and Toro are preparing for a dance. They ask Steve to go but he says he wants to stay home and study for strategies and codes. Namor comes in and jokes about stealing the Human Torch's girl.

Christmas, New York, Present

Bucky walks through the streets wondering where Christmas has gone. He feels everyone's lost touch because of the War. There's an old poster of him and cap from WWII that has traitor written across it. He hops in the subway and Fury contacts him about going on a mission. He reluctantly agrees but wishes to be elsewhere on Chrstmas.

Vision, Hawkeye, and Patriot are scoping out what they think is a Stark Industries warehouse. It's actually a HYDRA base and Fury wants Bucky to intervene before they get themselves in trouble. They fight until Bucky tells them Fury sent them and if he wanted to kill them he would have already. They're then spotted by a HYDRA sentry, and Bucky disposes of quickly, and since the cover is blown they move to plan B, blowing up the warehouse.

Bucky calls them pansies and Hawkeye gets offended because of the Wiccan/Hulkling situation. He apologizes and leaves them and Vision does an analysis and discovers who he is.

Bucky heads to a cemetary to pay his respects to Jack Monroe His mourning is interrupted by the three YA who come just to tell him what an honor it was to fight alongside of him. Kate says a bunch of stupid stuff about what he's doing exactly. The last thing she asks is why he doesn't talk to Steve himself and he says he doesn't have an answer at that time as he leaves them again.

Christmas, London, 1944

Toro wants to make a move on a girl at the dance. He thinks she's too out of his league and Bucky tells him that he's a hero and no ones out of their league. He pushes Toro into the girl and they start dancing. Steve joins Bucky against the wall commenting the Toro's a good dancer but the girl is way out of his league. Bucky busts him for "taking a break from his homework" as it's out of character. He then formulates a playful plan to get Toro and his girl under the mistletoe.

Christmas, New York, Present

Namor joins Bucky in front of a grave. He tells him he though Fury was joking when he contacted him about the meeting but doesn't hold humor for jokes like that. They're both happy to see each other. The grave's revealed as Toro's and Bucky asks how he died. Namor tells him as a hero and Bucky asks him to tell the story. Namor says it's long and Bucky let's him know that he's got nowhere else to be.


I laughed, I cried, Action packed. Good art, Great characterization. I can't find one thing wrong with this issue.
For a second when reading the summary, I got kind of confused. Stupid Hawkeye and Vision, change your names to something new.

Does anyone known which TPB this will probably be released in? A Captain America one, perhaps? It sounds rather good.
This is damn good.... So damn good.

I want a Winter Soldier mini by Brubaker tomorrow.

"If you attempt to give me a 'Criss-Miss' present I will break your arm"
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Does anyone known which TPB this will probably be released in? A Captain America one, perhaps? It sounds rather good.

I'd venture a guess that it'll be collected in the Civil War: Iron Man/Captain America TPB, which also collects IM # 13-14, Cap # 22-24 and the Casualties of War one-shot.

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