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Jun 16, 2004
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Hey, guys! A huge plot left open ended is the one about Wolverine actually having a family before his initial change took place in his Weapon X days. Sabertooth said that his wife and son were killed way back in the Return to Weapon X arc and it was elaborated on even more when I ring popped in Return of the King, saying something to the effect of, "I love you Jim," which would indicate this was before he could remember what actually happened to him... Interesting, huh? What do you guys think about this?
This is a very good take in the UU. Instead of wondering of just a family, along the lines of a brother, mother, etc., now it's a wife and son. That I think is great, but they just have to come back and talk about that more now. It's been more than 10 issues, so I think it's right to bring it up again.
You're absolutely right... If they let it go for too long, we'll have continuity errors when it finally gets brought back up again. I'd really hate to see that happen, especially when Singer is supposed to be coming on next... Hopefully, but the time I drop comics, Singer will be on! ;)
I think Ice meant to say that Wolverine had an intimate relationship with someone in the Savagelands... You know, those barbaric people that resemble cavemen? Yeah, that's probably what happened... But please elaborate on this son in 616... I didn't know that. Brother, too. X-23 is his adoptive daughter, right?
No. The brother only appears in Wolverine: The End. X-23 is NOT adoptive daughter. That will be explained in her mini series that starts nect month. Yes, Wolverine did have a relationship with a Savage Land mutant, and that resulted in having a kid. Nothng has really been mentioned on that. Amiko is his adoptive daughter and she's being taken care of by a friend of Logans. I think it's Yukio.
No, Amiko was the name of the adopted daughter. I forgot the name of her mother. Her mother was killed by an oversized giant Lockheed (By accident, though).

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