Wolverine's Wife

icemastertron said:
X-23 is NOT adoptive daughter. That will be explained in her mini series that starts nect month.

...that the world is awaiting with bated breath.

Seriously, is anyone going to pick this up? Marvel is hyping it like she's the new Sentry.
Yes, I am. It's her origin, that wasn't fully told in the cartoon show. Funny thing is (not 'ha-ha' funny, but coincidence funny) that her origin mini is coming out a year after she gets introduced into comics.
I meant more in a general sense...I'm sure people will be picking it up, but Marvel is hyping this almost as much as New Avengers - I'm just not seeing the buzz anywhere.
Hey i LIKED Nyx but the scheduling killed it. We are still waiting for issue 6 and it started like 2 years ago. Theoretically, it leads into X-23 but i don't know how that works since issue 7 (the last one) comes out after X-23 starts.

I don't really know what the hype is about. I saw a preview somewhere and it looks like a standard Escape from Weapon X story but there might be some interesting twists.
I didn't say I never liked it, I was pointing out that there maybe a connection behind who was on the team that created it and where their standing is at Marvel and as such the hyping of it.
The X-23 mini series is not something that's continued from NYX. It's her origin story. You know, as in BEFORE she was on NYX.
Why LSJL i didn't know you cared

Anyway I just read something a while ago (i think it was a solicit for issue 7) that said it would tie-in with the upcoming X-23 miniseries
Well, what I've noticed of late is that Marvel is not only hyping X-23 but all of their new characters in an attempt to have new characters fit into the complicated folds of the Marvel Universe. As we all know this is a tough feat and characters have certainly fallen victim to not living up to be as good a character as they already have and Joe Q's been taking note of this too, it seems... What they are really trying to do is expand so that they can have people grow up with these characters like a lot of people grew up with Spider-Man and the like... You really can't blame them, you know?

If X-23 showed up in the Ultimate Universe and had her own origin mini, yes I'd probably pick it up. She seems interesting to me and she really does have potential to be Marvel's next big thing.
Goodwill said:
If X-23 showed up in the Ultimate Universe and had her own origin mini

...I would seriously consider burning all my comics and closing this site. :twisted:

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