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Jun 16, 2004
Philadelphia, PA
Hey, I'm interested in writing something -- anything -- with either one other member or several members. It can be an original series, fan fic, whatever. I want to keep writing so that I could one day develop ideas on my own to write a novel. Or novels. If you'd be interested PM me or reply to this thread.
If you don't already have it, buy STORY by Robert McKee. It will be invaluable to you.
this could work out well with my current idea of publishing a little pamphlet of "why your clerk is a jackass". for anyone that has ever worked in ANY type of retail for a certain amount of time you become a little jaded. and this little pamphlet will explain things to those stupid people, things like:

the customer is NOT always right
my job is not to count your change, thats your job
straighten out your money, thats not my job either
what the hell do they teach you people in school?

you get the idea....
I got around to making a basic outline for the pamphlet 4 sections with a couple bullet points and an example to two.

1) Manners
- Saying a simple Please and Thank You or Excuse Me isn't that hard
- If there looks like an old lady is walking through the door, offer to keep the door open and not wait for me to tell you to do it.
- asking in a calm voice will get you a lot more than if you start yelling.
- The Customer is not always right,
- Handing me Crumpled up money from your pocket without knowing how much is there isn't a good thing
- a failed origami experiment with 5, 1 dollar bills ins't going to put me in a happy mood
- Taking out $15 of Change out your pocket and expecting me to count is not going to put me in a happy mood either.
- If you think you can do the job better than me, then fill out a job application and work for min. wage. if not then shut up.
- If I tell you the same thing three times, on the 4th i tell you "didn't you hear me the 1st three times?" how is that rude?
4) What do they teach you people in School?
- why do ask the price of the same thing every day? the magic price gremlin didn't raise the price all of a sudden.
- 5 x 6 = ?? its simple math 90 - 45 = ?? im not asking for the recalibration of a timing piston while doing 90mph.
I've started collaborating with a friend on the other side of the country on a sci-fi novel.

I know that doesn't help you at all, just thought I'd share.

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