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Jul 24, 2004
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Well issue #5 (of 6) ended with a family reunion to end all family reunions. Cyclop's ex-wife, Madelyne Pryor a.k.a. Goblin Queen (Jean's clone), Stryfe and Genesis have returned together.

On another note, Warskrulls are making a mess in killing any X-Men around. Rachel Summers is down, (but not officially out of count). Kitty almost died, if it wasn't for Lockheed. David Alleyne (New Mutants kid- powers to know any knowledge of someone around him) is dead; killed by a Warskrull. Iceman had his head exploded, but made another one. Gambit supposedly took his kids (wife is Rouge) and Emmas kids to Mr. Sinister.

Last issue Cable, Shatterstar, and some others died. Apocolypse died as well, by the Legacy Virus. Someone had shot him with it when he was at a weak state.

And just to let you guys know, Storm is completely paralyzed. I mean her whole body. She can only talk. Logan takes care of her, in Africa. Bishop had a daughter with Lilandra's sister, and they both are gone now. She lives in space where she accidently found Jean in a pod where she was going to be sold into slavery to Mr. Sinister. A computer version of Carol Danvers takes care of her.

Nighcrawler is now an actor. In the first issue, Jean brought NC to the ship with Carol and the girl to help her out with someone NC knows- Nocturne. She was taken and brainwashed as a slave for Mr. Sinister, as a lot of other X-Men and recognizable characters. NC then tells a unconscience Nocturne that he has a wife that was once a slave (blue demon-like just like him) and a son.

Good summary? Anything else I should explain?
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Just a little.
All of X-force except Feral and Richter was killed. This includes Irene Merryweather and Domino. I think based on remarks that Cable was supposed to have been captured rather than killed but i'm not sure how taht works.

Warskrulls showed up in issue 1 or 2 making the Skrull attempt at the Phoenix Pod and attacking the slavers who were selling it to the Shi'ar. Then the Brood arrived and Aaliyah Bishop and Binary, piloting the Starjammer, blasted off into outer space, destroying the planet and unstabilizing the sun. Jean woke up and fed of the energy and saved them.

Sidenote, Jean mentions taht TJ was never supposed to be in this universe anyway, another hint that the Timebroker is not evil.

Other than my picky little quibbles, great summary

I'm an issue behind and seriously contemplating building a flying machine to get to a comic shop.

Loving this story
Well, I like how Claremont really seems to be wrapping things up... He's wasting no time to show the fans that the X-Men are going to be put to an end, which is something that I like about this particular maxi-series. While it is the point, you know, to end the X-Men, I think it's a bit surprising that they're doing this.

So, who, since we have Apocolypse dead, are we expecting to become the major villain here? Are there any yet besides the aliens?
Well, who we expect to become major villains, [as of this point] is some advisors of the S'hiar empire. It hasn't been mentioned excatly what they want, but from one of the issues ending (I beilieve it was issue 3), it showed that they were up to something, and behind their leaders back too.

And Cacedues, thanks for the help. I always seem to forget something when I don't have what I need infront of me. Again, thanks.

Sorry but I like Sinister. He's been the main villain all through this series but with Kahn showing up in the Shi'ar court, I expect him to be seizing control of the empire. Kahn showed up in X-treme X-men as a trans-dimensional invader. He landed on Madripoor, sealed the island with a forcefield and the X-treme X-men (Bishop, Sage, Storm, Rogue, Gambit, Lifeguard and Slipstream) were trapped on the inside. they started breaking things and went back to rescue Storm whom the alien's leader Kahn had decided was his queen. meanwhile, Shaitan, this big guy had something called a skinwalker attached to storm then him and he got her shape. He's still trapped and has shown up as one of Sinister's goons (connection to Kahn). Anyway, Kahn and co were defeated but Storm's spine was broken really badly, Viper got this hatred for Storm and Sage, Rogue and Gambit lost their powers (regained now). Lifeguard's Shi'ar form came out (she was the daughter of the royal line on her mother's side) and Slipstream freaked out and left. Thunderbird and Lifeguard went after him and have only shown up in the X-corp of Excalibur. Kahn was driven back with Shaitan but it seems they returned at one point.

Anyway, there are still Kree, Shi'ar, Warskrulls, Sinister and the Brood (who were supposed to be extinct weren't they?) as the bad guys. Plus, with issue five, its possible that we have Madelyne Pryor, Stryfe and Genesis as well
Caduceus said:
Plus, with issue five, its possible that we have Madelyne Pryor, Stryfe and Genesis as well

I didn't expect Stryfe or Genesis, just Madelyne Pryor, since she was on the cover. What I'm thinking though, is how did these three meet up? As far as I can remember, they were all in different dimensions.

I should also add that Iceman now works for X-Corp. He was working with David Alleyne. They were trying to see what was up with Sage, as she had gone crazy and was supposedly up to something. But after David died, when Iceman was almost killed (again) Sage was the one who came to the rescue.
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Sage was dirven crazy by people always saying she knew everything so she actually ditched X-corp (i think it was X-corp or maybe XSE) and tried to "data-mine' everyone on the planet. She's been at it for years and no-one knows how many people she's mined. By issue 3, She'd been caught but it wasn't mentioned in 4 and i haven't got 5.

Stryfe and Genesis both came to the present from the Askani future. Madelyne was always here. Stryfe is a clone of Cable and Genesis is Cable's wife (but not Cable's) son and was strongly hinted at being Styfes..
What also impresses me is Claremont's ability to wrap everything together like this... It's really something, especially with all of these characters and motivates going in all different kinds of directions. This must be a great read... I wish I could get into it!
Well, this is going to be in a trilogy format, like the Lord of the Rings. There's going to be three books. But it hasn't been mentioned when the second book will start.
I'm going on an exchange for a year next year so i'm sort of dropping comics then so i'm glad it won't be done by the time i get back. There are two books of 6 issues each to come and no mention of the solicits means that there isn't any chance of it finishing before the end of next year
I just hope that they don't release one book each year. I mean, having the story told in 3 parts like the LOTR is one thing, but if they release one book each year like one part of the movie of LOTR came out, I'm going to be pissed. Taking 3 years to tell the story, NOOO WAAY!!!
That's almost as bad as taking a year and 3 mos. to release Secret War, although I guess that's slightly more understandable.
Are you telling me that this trilogy will be stretched out to however long it takes... Meaning, it could very well be more than three years for this to finish up or do you want the books coming out in succession so that it finishes in a year and a half?
Well I thought since they released the first two issues if the first book in 1 month and ending the first book in December, that they would finish the whole series by next year.

I thought that they were going to release the six issues of the second book in the first six months, and the six issues of the second book in the last six months.

But since book two doesn't start in Januray as I thought it might, who knows how Marvel will release the books.
Gotcha, so you're assuming they are going to do it the Ultimate Nightmare, Ultimate Secret, Ultimate ??? way, right?
Check the solicits for early next year. six issues and the latest batch have no mention at all. I'm expecting it to drag out until at least 2006
Feb solicits are around and no mention there. Looks like till at least 2006 for the end of book 2

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