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Oct 24, 2004
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Okay, so most of us know the original opening theme song for the 90's X-Men TV show, but those weren't the only ones out there...

First off, when the TV-Show was first optioned in 1989, there was a completely different line-up, and for the single pilot episode they developed a nifty little theme-song and opening.

Check That out here

Then came the traditional opening number for the nineties show I'm pretty sure we're all more familiar with...

Check That out here

Then, when reruns of the american show ran in Japan, they devised a totally different opening number to entice audiences already familiar with fantasy action anime shows...

Check That out here

Then I guess that one didn't stick around for long, because they devised yet another theme song over in Japan...

Check that out here

Then there came X-Men Evolution, which bore one opening for the first two seasons...


And another for the last two...



Which is the Best?
I also think that the music for the 90's is the best, but I think that the second japan opening looked the best.
I think it's quite obviously the '90s US theme. If they couldn't have found such superb composers for the X-Men films, they almost could've got away with working the theme into some of the musical cues. It's just that good.

As for animation, I've never seen any X-Men shows, but the Evolution animation is fantastic from what I saw in those links.
Hmmmm.....tough call. There are so many different things to consider.

You can completely throw out the old 80s version. I mean the animation was smooth....like Bionic 6 smooth. So it gets some credit. But overall its just so bleh when you compare it to the others.

The American 90s has that classic nostalgic feel to it....kinda like the score to the original Superman movie. You hear the song and you get goosebumps all over. But the opening animation just annoyed me though.

The 2 Japanese versions were kinda cool based on the newness of it all. It's like "wow....never seen that before". But---anytime you have Jubilee standing there and gathering energy for her sparks like she's about to scream "Hadouken".....that's minus 5 points. And Cable........ahhhh the Japanese and their fascination with really big guns. -5 again. The animation was nice.....but those stupid Japanese pop songs in the beginning of everything suck so bad. And the lyrics always have the most random meanings to 'em. Cry for the Moon????? :?

X-Men Evolution is the Kathy Griffin of X-Men cartoons. Its got a lot of fans..........but most people will always be quick to snub Evolution like they never watched it. The opening wasn't bad........just ok.

So its kinda hard to pick just one. Now if you were able to have the opening be Japan#1's animation with 90s score........that'd be awesome.
I have to go against the crowd here. I think that the best intro is for the 1989 show. Can't really explain why but I do.
I hadn't seen the Japanese intros before. The first one was pretty good but the second one was a bit TOO much anime for my taste. Don't get me wrong I have seen my fair share of anime in my days but I want to keep anime and animated movies apart. That's just how it is.
The japanese intro animation was kinda cool but the them sucked. The 80's theme was really catchy but really "80's-ish". And then when I heard the 90's theme again it was a rap. How could I not vote for that one, it was poetry in sound. Also, did the japanese have different episodes? It looked like they had some different shows going on. Especially since I only remember like 2 or 3 cable and/or Bishop episodes(all their parts combining). Am I wrong?
Most of links when I clicked on it were removed :(
yeah Marvel did a big sweep of their properties on youtube. they even forced me to remove one of my cartoons
This is why if I host a movie on youtube I change name on tiitle to initials

E.g Say I hosted the X-men openings I would call them XMO1 , XMO2 ect... and I get away away with it.

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