Avengers Young Avengers in August...


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Jun 16, 2004
Philadelphia, PA
Is there a new member popping up in the August issue of YA? I was looking at the different covers for each title and this particular cover got my attention. There's a character with a glass visor that is similar to that of Wolverine's in a lot of respects wearing a yellow cloak. What gives?
It could also be Iron-Lad with Visons cape. If you look closely it looks like Iron-Lad's helmet.
Hmm... Perhaps they are combining the two characters so that the writer can let everyone know that the title can stand on character's that aren't directly based off of one particular character in another book. Interesting idea!
I still think that Iron Lad dies.Visions programming could be loaded into Iron Lad's uber-techy armour?
How can Iron-Lad die? Won't that change everything, just like Kang said. I don't know. :shock:
Damn, I totally forgot about this title.
Hmm, sounds like vizh to me. But if Iron lad does bite the dust, there will be no timeline ****ery if that is what's being discussed.
Well, not so much the timeline deal, but who this new character is. If you guys want to discuss the whole "Their Parents Find Out" deal, that's cool, too.

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