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  1. Ice

    Avengers Young Avengers (Gillen/McKelvie) Spoilers.

    It's back. This January they return in their own ongoing series as the acclaimed "Phonogram" team of writer Kieron Gillen and artist Jamie McKelvie expand the Marvel NOW! initiative with a new volume of "Young Avengers."
  2. Ice

    Avengers Avengers: The Children's Crusade (Heinberg/Cheung)

    Allan Heinberg appeared on video to announce "Avengers: The Children's Crusade" – the follow up to "Young Avengers" by the entire original creative team including artist Jimmy Cheung. The bi-monthly, nine-issue limited series has seen six issues written already, and Heinberg promised that a...
  3. Jaggyd

    Young Avengers trades

    Does anyone have the Young Avengers hardcover and/or TPB #1? I'm wondering if they have concept art of the characters (specifically Stature) in one of those two, because Speed is featured in TPB #2. Not going to bother picking it up for the extras when I have the comics if the extras are a waste...
  4. fenway

    Avengers Young Avengers checklist

    Hi there - hope this is the right forum. Other than the Young Avengers #1-12, can anyone tell me other appearances they (Young Avengers) have made in the Marvel U? Thanks!
  5. Ice

    Avengers Heinberg looks back on Young Avengers "Season 1". From an interview on "Allan Heinberg would love to tell you some fun quirky story he experienced recently, but he can't. He would love to talk about wild party moments of late, but he hasn't had any. He's...
  6. nigma

    Young Avengers/Runaways [Civil War] (speculation and spoilers)

    ok, since i've now also become a mighty follower of YA, and Runaways....might as well as spot check them all....
  7. nigma

    Avengers young avengers tbp????

    i've been hearing some pretty good things about this, and was thinking of picking this up. any idea of when the tbp is coming out? and if so what issues will it include?
  8. E

    Avengers Hulkling and Asgardian - are they or aren't they?
  9. Goodwill

    Avengers Young Avengers in August...

    Is there a new member popping up in the August issue of YA? I was looking at the different covers for each title and this particular cover got my attention. There's a character with a glass visor that is similar to that of Wolverine's in a lot of respects wearing a yellow cloak. What gives?
  10. Ice

    Avengers A female Hawkeye?

    From what has reported, there looks to be like there might be a 'female Hawkeye'-type character in New Avengers. As they reported: "They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well, this preview image from Marvel’s July issue of Young Avengers (#6) may be worth even...
  11. Fredrik Martinsson

    Avengers Young Avengers series discussion (spoilers)

    Full issue of Young Avengers #1 at