Your 5 Favorite Films of 2007 -- Update As You Go


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Dec 29, 2004
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This thread is as per request of Project. :)

By the way, you can update your lists whenever you see a new movie that deserves to be in your five.

As for my list? Just check my sig. :D
Re: Top 5 films of 2007

Alright, so what movies have I seen this year? Grindhouse. 300. The Prestige (I saw it at the start of the year). Spider-Man 3. Mr. Bean's Holiday. So that's 5.

Grindhouse - 4.5/5 - I thought Death Proof started kind of slow, but overall it was really, really good.
300 - 4/5 - I thought it was kind of boring... until the battle started. Then it ruled.
The Prestige - 4/5 - I might need to watch this again.
Spider-Man 3 - 2/5 - Terrible. Terrible.
Mr. Bean - 2/5 - It probably wasn't that bad, but it was predictable, and there was probably only one moment where I laughed. These movies just show Mr. Bean doesn't work on the big screen.
Re: Top 5 films of 2007

1) Zodiac - 10/10. A brilliant, fascinating, sadly overlooked, mystery movie with perfect acting from a perfect cast.

2) Ratatouille - 9.5/10 I had high expectations and it met them, and in a few places, really surprised me by exceeding them. I think the score could've been more prominent and characters other than Remy could've used a bit more characterization, but on the whole, it had a stronger emotional core than pretty much any film this year.

2) Spider-Man 3 - 9/10. Which isn't to say that it didn't have some flaws, but I thought the parts that worked for me(i.e. about 90% of the film) worked so well that they made up for the flaws and then some. I suppose a more accurate score might be 9/12.

3) Grindhouse - 9.5/10. One of the most fun movie going experiences of my life. It only loses half a point because Death Proof just took way too long at the beginning establishing characters I couldn't stand(the first set of girls). I know that was kind of the point, but.... ugh. It just became tedious. Nevertheless, the rest was a non-stop atomic trainride to awesometown U.S.A.

4) Knocked Up - 9.5/10. Awesome. One of the best romantic comedies ever made. Better than The 40-Year Old Virgin.

5) Mr. Brooks - 9/10. Excellence out of left field. This was a good concept made great through careful execution and electrifying performances from Kevin Costner and William Hurt, and only slightly behind them, Demi Moore and believe it or not, Dane Cook in his first serious turn. Go rent this the next night you can.

6) 1408 - 9/10. WOW, was this ever good. Equally terrifying and moving, and John Cusack, who is alone on screen for about 80% of the film, does a superb job as always. Back it all up with a very solid supporting performance from Samuel L Jackson, and you've got a true must-see.

7) 300 - 8.5/10. It was what it was supposed to be. It was always stunning to watch, it made some visual breakthoughs, and it gave us some of the best movie fight scenes in years.

8) Hot Fuzz - 8.5/10. Hysterical. I'm twice as anxious to see Shaun of the Dead now.

9) Disturbia - 8.5/10. An expertly-crafted, extremely suspenseful horror/thriller. Shia LaBoeuf might be my new favourite male lead.

10) Live Free Or Die Hard - 8.5/10. Fantastic action with a clever plot to tie it all together. Bruce Willis still kicks a lot of ***, and Justin Long was great as his new sidekick.

11) Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer - 8/10. Lots of fun, just like the first one. A good job all around.

12) Next - 8/10. Really cool, fun and very creatively executed. Nic Cage's quirky charm always manages to impress me.

13) The Simpsons Movie - 7/10. Funny, but far from hilarious and still too much like the newer episodes are for my tastes.

14) Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End - 6/10. Decent, but depressingly mediocre in wake of the spectacular first two.

15) The Bourne Ultimatum - 5/10. Sooooo boooooring. Honestly, the whole thing could've been spliced together from stock footage taken from the first two films. Even the action scenes were pretty much ruined by all the extreme close-up/quick cut crap. I'm a fan of the first two, but even there the second was a big step down. This one was even worse. A major disappointment.

Movies I fully intend to see in theatres:
- Live Free or Die Hard(check)
- Transformers(check)
- Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (check)
- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix(check)
- The Ten
- Superbad(check)
- I Am Legend
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Re: Top 5 films of 2007

300 - 9.5/10
Grindhouse - 9/10
Hot Fuzz - 9/10
Zodiac - 8.5/10
Smokin' Aces - 7.5/10
Re: Top 5 films of 2007

Hot Fuzz?! How did I forget Hot Fuzz?! It easily gets a 5/5.
Re: Top 5 films of 2007

I have only seen 3 movies this year that warrant being on my Top 5 list.

3 - Hot Fuzz
2 - Grindhouse
1 - 300

Although I give honorable mention to "Breach" and "Smoking Aces".

I guess I could go ahead and pre-emptively put "Ocean's13" on the list because I just know for a fact that I'm gonna love it regardless of how absurd it is.

So yeah....3 so far. And no---Pirates or Spiderman do not go on my list. In fact I guarantee you that they won't make my Top 10 of 2007.
Re: Top 5 films of 2007

Hot Fuzz 6/10

Spider-Man 3 7.5/10

TMNT 8/10

Pathfinder 2/10 (I went to the bathroom halfway through this film. That was the best part.)

Hannibal Rising 5/10
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Re: Top 5 films of 2007

You guys must be awfully cynical about the prosepcts of movies to be released between now and December, if you believe that it's possible to compile a Best Of 2007 list already. :p

Give me a couple of minutes to think about a "so far" list, because not every film I *watched* in 2007 was originally *released* in 2007.
Re: Top 5 films of 2007

I haven't seen that many movies this year so I'll just list my Top 5 Elements of the Periodic Table:

5. Tungsten
4. Hydrogen
3. Boron
2. Oxygen
1. Ununquadium
Movies I fully intend to see in theatres:
- Live Free or Die Hard
- Transformers
- Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Transformers and Fantastic Four, as well as The Simpsons Movie, are on my list of "Movies That Are Going To Suck But I'll See Them Anyway".
Re: Top 5 films of 2007

Hot Fuzz

in no perticular order, and i haven't even seen Grindhouse or Hot Fuzz yet
Re: Top 5 films of 2007

Transformers and Fantastic Four, as well as The Simpsons Movie, are on my list of "Movies That Are Going To Suck But I'll See Them Anyway".

You're right about Fantastic Four, but I think Transformers might actually be a great film(if nothing else....for my man Shia).

There's like a 95% chance I'll see The Simpson Movie, but if the reviews are abyssmal and they say it's anything like the show's been of late, I might never get around to it.

I'm already really pissed they didn't go for broke and get Conan O'Brien and Brad Bird to write it.
Re: Top 5 films of 2007

1. Knocked Up - 9/10 - Best comedy i've seen in a long while.

2. Zodiac - 8.5/10 - Well constructed, but a bit longer than necessary. The acting was fantastic though, probably the best I've seen so far this year.

3. Hot Fuzz - 8.5/10 - Fun, Funny, Action-packed. Also: Timothy Dalton is fantastic, and I now want to write movies where I can make him the bad guy.

4. Bridge to Terabithia - 8.5/10 - Most heartwarming story i've seen all year, based on my favorite book in Middle School

5. Grindhouse - 8/10 - Lots of fun, it has its weak points, but the sheer enjoyability of Planet Terror, and the newest Tarantino film (which includes what I now consider to be the greatest chase sequence of ALL time)... Death Proof is simply brilliant. I'll see it again if it hits the theaters on its lonesome.

6. Ocean's 13 - 8/10 - Its not quite the quality of the first one... But it's ALMOST up there... The first half of the movie I was really anxious, because it took a WHILE to get going... But when it picked up, it really picked up and I enjoyed the hell out of it... Clooney and Pitt's relationship gives this an extra point, but I might knock it down later in the year.

7. Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End - 8/10 - Satisfying ending to a well executed trilogy. I enjoyed the hell out of it, and I'll happily dish out the money for the next film on the list.

8. 300 - 7/10 - Fun. Good. But the scenes in sparta interspersed with the narrative slows the story... I need to see it again (for the fourth time), but I'm pretty sure that this is where I stand on it. Mostly Good.

9. Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer - 7/10 - Had a lot of the flaws of the first, but rectified several of them... Johnny Storm continues to be the strongest aspect of the series, which I absolutely hope continues... My biggest Problem is with Mr. Fantastic, cuz, well... he should seem intelligent.

9. Spider-Man 3 - 6/10 - The most disapointing film experience I've had all year. This made me cringe so much with what they messed up that every time something decent happened it was ruined by the inconsistency of it all... The good parts simply showed that this COULD have been good. But they opted against it, apparently...

10. Ghost Rider - 4/10 - This movie made me want to make my own Ghost Rider movie, one that was good.

I'm actually quite upset that there have been no GREAT movies yet this year. The first five in my list were good. 300 was mostly good, and the other two just were more logs tossed on the fire that is bad comic book film-making.

Movies I Plan to See This Year:
- Ratatouille (Pixar. 'Nuff Said)
- Sicko (Michael Moore movie praised by conservatives? Gotta check it out)
- Transformers (My friends are dragging me. It looks awful)
- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (looks like the best one yet)
- Hairspray (Actually I might be most excited about this movie, over everything else in the next few months)
- The Simpsons Movie (Looks good)
- Stardust (I suspect this might be my favorite movie of the year... I love the book, and its been getting fantastic advance reviews)
- Wristcutters: A Love Story (I <3 Patrick Fugit)
- The Nanny Diaries (It looks good)
- The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (the title says it all)
- Beowulf (Neil Gaiman! Woot!)
- Enchanted (The first Disney movie i've been excited about in AGES... Looks funny and charming and it might be the dawn of a new era for Disney)
- The Golden Compass (one of my favorite book series of all time... plus GREAT casting)
- National Treasure: The Book of Secrets (enjoyed the first one enough)
- Sweeney Todd (Please God, don't suck. Sweeney is one of my alltime favorite musicals, and I might die if Burton doesnt do it justice.)


And I really don't want to get into this again, Planet-Man, I understand how you could enjoy it, but there is NO way Spidey 3 is a 10/10... Even someone who enjoyed the hell of it has to admit to the poor plot structure, and inconsistent writing...

There haven't been any 10/10 this year.
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Re: Top 5 films of 2007

1. 300 - 10/10
2. 1408 - 10/10
3. Grindhouse - 9.5/10
4. Hot Fuzz - 9.5/10
5. Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End - 9/10
6. Ocean's Thirteen - 8.5/10
7. 28 Weeks Later - 8.5/10
8. Spider-Man 3 - 8/10
9. Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer 7.5/10
10. TMNT - 7.5/10
11. Zodiac - 7/10
12. Ghost Rider - 4/10

300 was perfect, in my opinion. 1408 was probably the best horror movie I've seen since The Shining. Other than the slow beginning to Death Proof, Grindhouse was a thoroughly enjoyable movie going experience. Hot Fuzz was easily the funniest thing I've seen this year. Pirates was my epic movie this year and, aside from the insane amount of plotlines to keep up with, was simply awesome.

Ocean's Thirteen was a nice return to form after the change of pace seen in Ocean's Twelve. 28 Weeks Later was a great zombie flick by any standard. Spider-Man 3 was good, but doesn't make the top 5 because of the shoddy writing. FF2 was decent with good performances by Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis, Silver Surfer was well done, but Doom and Galactus really brought the movie down. TMNT was a great throwback to the old films, but the plot was practically non-existent. Zodiac had some great acting and the plot was very good (Based on a true story, after all), but it dragged out much longer than it needed to and fizzled at the end. Ghost Rider was just a poor film.

I plan on still seeing:

-Shrek the Third (First two were good)
-Live Free or Die Hard (Hopefully it'll live up to its predecessors)
-Knocked Up (Looks pretty funny. Basically, a date movie for me and my girlfriend.)
-Sunshine (Other than the stupid "If the sun dies, we all die" line, it actually looks pretty good)
-Ratatouille (As DSF said, Pixar. 'Nuff said)
-Evan Almighty (I like Steve Carrell and 'Bruce' was decent)
-Transformers (The trailers have been blowing me away)
-Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Never been a fan of the films, as I'm a bit of a book purist, but this one looks quite good)
-The Bourne Ultimatum (I like the Bourne movies. . .)
-Superbad (Looks hilarious)
-Halloween (I liked the original. I liked the Devil's Rejects. I'm checking this out)
-Rush Hour 3 (I don't even think it'll be good, but I want to see it for some reason. . .)
-Enchanted (At first, I thought it was the beginning of the new 2D animation Disney films. Instead, this just looks hilarious)
-Balls of Fury (HAHA!)
-Resident Evil: Extinction (What can I say? I'm a masochist)
-The Golden Compass (I don't know much about the original books, but it looks good, so I'm on board)
-Saw IV (This, I'll probably get dragged to see.)
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Re: Top 5 films of 2007

And I really don't want to get into this again, Planet-Man, I understand how you could enjoy it, but there is NO way Spidey 3 is a 10/10... Even someone who enjoyed the hell of it has to admit to the poor plot structure, and inconsistent writing...

Like I said, I do admit to that, it's just that I easily got 10 points worth of enjoyment out of the parts of the film that worked(which were most of them, IMO). So as aforementioned, the most accurate raiting I can give it is 10 out of 12.
Hot Fuzz
Spider-Man 3
Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End
Ghost Rider

I've seen more films this year than I did in either 2005 or 2006.
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I liked 300 and I liked Hot Fuzz.

Spider-Man 3 was okay, I suppose.

Thing is, I've not even seen five films this year. :shock:
1. Grindhouse 9/10 - Death Proof's restarting itself lost it a point.
2. 28 weeks later 8/10 - Minor quibbles aside, the timeframe setting of this movie alone puts it on my list.
3. Hot Fuzz 8/10 - Great fun. Can't wait for the DVD
4. Spider-Man 3 7.5/10 - A wiser man than I summed this movie up. Its not so much a Spider-man movie as it is a Sam Rami movie. thankfully I love Sam Rami's movies.
5. TMNT 7/10 - Hell, I was just happy it actually was TMNT 4 instead of a Batman Begins style reboot.

I expect The Lookout to knock TMNT off once I see it. Same with Pirates probably taking Spider-Man 3 off if its as fun as the first two. And actually ends instead of just stopping.

I'll be seeing Fantastic Four and Live Free or Die Hard. I'm so afraid for John Mclaine. We're on our way to a Star Trek style Even Numbered Films Suck for that franchise. I expect I'll see Transformers too. Otherwise its just whatever I end up seeing.

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