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  1. Ice

    Daredevil: End of Days

    Marvel reveals "Daredevil: End of Days" Today, the publisher arranged for a special press conference call to reveal "Daredevil: End of Days" done by the legendary creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and David Mack writing with Bill Sienkiewicz and Klaus Janson on art. Brian Michael...
  2. E

    Moon Knight by Bendis & Maleev (spoilers)

    No discussion on this? I just got caught up. 3 issues are out. No one is reading it? It's really good so far! I'm not noticing the Bendis vocal tics all over the place like usual, which is a huge plus. And he's doing some cool things with the character - he's got a new "sidekick" who is a...
  3. E

    Scarlet by Bendis & Maleev

    Scarlet Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev bring their creator-owned SCARLET to Icon this July I'm more than intrigued. This is the kind of book Bendis writes well so it's reasonable to think it will be good. And...
  4. ProjectX2

    Spider-Woman series discussion (Spoilers!)

    For those that don't know, Bendis and Maleev have been working on a Spider-Woman series for the last few years and it looks like it's finally coming out soon. Marvel have done a few motion comics for it. I'm not sure if they're original or scenes from the comics yet but I decided to watch the...
  5. TheManWithoutFear

    How do you rate Bendis/Maleev run on Daredevil

    For those of you who read and hopefully those of you who will read it later. How did Bendis do on this. I can agree on a lot of his flaws in some other titles but I think he really put his heart into this. He loves the character and it really shows. Alex Maleev's art was very hard to get...
  6. TheManWithoutFear

    Daredevil series discussion (spoilers)

    Daredevil #71 Preview HERE IT IS!!! ONE WEEK TODAY!!! THE START TO DECALOGUE!!!