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  1. Ice

    Secret Wars Discussion (Spoilers)

    Anyone read #1 yet? There are some things I'm curious about, like where Cyclops got the Phoenix egg and the Sentinels, since the X-books were all "months prior" to this (and the Avengers/New Avengers series) and none of that happened/got hinted/etc.
  2. Ice

    Fantastic Four (James Robinson/Leonard Kirk) - SPOILERS

    Fantastic Four Relaunched By James Robinson And Leonard Kirk In February, Announced For Real This Time The FF evicted from the Baxter Building and facing the Avengers. The Thing in prison for murder. Johnny Storm powerless. Dragon Man sentenced to death. The imagination of Sue and Reed...
  3. E

    Fantastic Four by Fraction/Bagley (spoilers)

    Well, #1 is out today. The best part about it is that Bagley's art isn't as bad as it's been or as I've been expecting this will be. The opening plot is that Reed discovers that the unstable molecules that make up his body (and likely the others' as well) are decaying. When was it established...
  4. Ice

    FF: Future Foundation (Hickman/Epting)

    More info tomorrow with the solicits...
  5. E

    Spider-Man Spider-Man/Fantastic Four (2010) [spoilers]

    Great start to the series...I wasn't expecting much to it but it was very entertaining. Doom cons the Fantastic 4 into providing security in exchange for signing peace treaties with a number of countries. Namor attacks Doom and Doom does a mind/body swap with Johnny to fight Namor. Johnny and...
  6. E

    Fantastic Four Annual #32 [spoilers]

    Did anyone else read this? I can't tell if it was brilliant or ridiculous, but to me that makes for a good Fantastic 4 story. Basically, the story is about what might happen if Johnny ever got a girl pregnant. Here's a summary, but it's waaaay oversimplified and sells the story short, so if you...
  7. ProjectX2

    Jon Hamm is...

    From a discussion in the Captain America thread: Jon Hamm as Steve Rogers or Reed Richards? Who should he be?