garth ennis

  1. C

    Starlight (The Boys)

    Why is it that Starlight (The Boys character) can punch through bricks but criminals have to be hit several times to incapacitate them?
  2. Ice

    Electricomics from Alan Moore

    Alan Moore Launches Electricomics Digital Comics App Already known for revolutionising the comic book industry in the 1980s, Moore is pushing boundaries again with Electricomics - an app that is both a comic book and an easy-to-use open source toolkit. Being open source and free, the app...
  3. Willverine

    Crossed by Garth Ennis

    I checked through a few pages of threads and found nothing about this book. I'm wondering why that is, considering that this is a new Garth Ennis book, but then again, I haven't found this book at a retailer yet. I have scoured their top shelves, which are of course for all of the graphic and...
  4. Zombipanda

    Preacher (HBO)

    So, everyone knows what's up with this, right? Mark Steven Johnson's writing, and the idea was that each episode was going to be an issue from the series. But check this out: Awesome!
  5. nigma

    Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears (discussion/spoilers)

    has anyone picked this up? this is a mini Written by GARTH ENNIS Pencils and Cover by CLAYTON CRAIN i will buy anything written by Ennis....even if its about two rats doing it....and i hate rats.
  6. Zombipanda

    The Boys

    (I could have sworn there was a thread for this, but I can't find it for the life of me) Anyway, after picking up the first issue of Boys, I didn't intend to keep reading. It felt like it took the worst parts of Ennis' writing and cut out the human factor that makes his stuff really good. But...
  7. thee great one

    Punisher MAX (Ennis #1-60) Discussion *Spoilers*

    I picked up volume 4 of this series. "Up Is Down & Black Is White." (#19-24) This is the singlest nastiest, most disturbing, grossest thing I've ever seen. But I loved it. In it, it had a guy piss all over Frank's families body, murder his family when he was little, have sex with his fat aunt...
  8. Guijllons

    The Magnificent Kevin.

    Anyone else reading this? I'm think I'm enjoying more than anything else I've read of Ennis so far. oh... e-hem. "I'm a vagina"
  9. G


    DC Vertigo's finest in my opinion, and easily one of the best comics ever created. Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon are absolutely great on this, seriously, adn Glenn provides some awesome covers. This is a must buy for everyone, and if you havn't read this already then you need to buy the Trade...
  10. Friday

    First issue of Preacher free on-line

    Well folks, in hoping that some of you will check this out I'm linking up the first issue of Preacher (Garth Ennis and Steve Dillion), one of my favotire Vertigo series dispite the fact that I'm never going to read the end. DC has uploaded it to thier website, and if you like it I urge you to...