Crossed by Garth Ennis


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Mar 7, 2006
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I checked through a few pages of threads and found nothing about this book. I'm wondering why that is, considering that this is a new Garth Ennis book, but then again, I haven't found this book at a retailer yet. I have scoured their top shelves, which are of course for all of the graphic and mature books wrapped in plastic, but I wouldn't have read this one if it weren't for Pirate Bay.

Even if you're a die-hard Garth Ennis fan, this one might be too much, and it pushes the envelope even for Ennis, but I think it's great. It's almost a zombie book, except for the lack of undead shambling masses. Rather, it's got people who have contracted some kind of disease or supernatural/otherworldly funk and are now doing the most depraved and brutal things that a human mind could think of. Of course, the real story is the people who haven't been infected and are trying to survive.

Someone else read this and discuss. Just be warned: if you have a weak stomach or you're a really straight-arrow Christian-type, this probably isn't for you.
I think i saw an advert for this and it looked pretty brutal. A guy had a cross burned into his face.

It's the same team who did Wormwood, and I absolutely loved that. I will definitely pick this up, but probably when it's finished - (it's a mini-series right?)

Apart from Punisher I find most of Ennis stuff quite hard to follow issue to issue. Or at least i prefer to just read it at once.

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