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  1. Ultimate Houde

    Assembling the Greatest

    I am in the process of assembling the greatest cartoon series for my child to watch. Since we don't have cable and I refuse to let him watch stupid shows of brightly colored people dancing around a room singing with a Moose's head about the downfalls of drug addiction and sex in public places...
  2. the watcher

    The Social Thread: Houde Ain't Gettin' Some Tonight

    Ok, I figure it's past time I started one of these. We spring finally hit Chicago. It's 82 and the sun is shining! oh, and with the title... I thought about adding "or any night", but I thought it might be to cruel. (evil laugh :twisted:: cause you know it's true.)
  3. Ultimate Houde

    Venus Grand Hunt!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, have you ever been to Venus? Have you ever seen the rolling hills of the Gregursian Plains? You been to the River of Styxian? Ever gazed about the triple horned rhino, Kourgunite? NOW YOU CAN! Are you Adventurous? Have you ever shot a Harpoon from the deck of a Space...