humberto ramos

  1. Ice

    Extraordinary X-Men (Lemire/Ramos)

    Lemire, Ramous launch "Extraordinary X-Men" post-"Secret Wars"
  2. Ice

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man (Slott/Ramos)

    Leaked by Comic Book Movie
  3. E

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man #700 is so incredibly bad it deserves its own thread (spoilers)

    So, Amazing Spider-Man #700 has leaked. It's easy to find if you know where to look. I'll preface this by saying that it is entirely possible that this is a ruse by Marvel. They've put out fake pages before, so it's not outside the realm of possibility. So until you see the issue and not a...
  4. Captain Canuck

    Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man: Big Time (ASM #648 and beyond)

    So Brand New Day is officially over and Big Time has begun. As has been previously stated in other threads (I think) ASM will now come out bi-weekly and be a 30-page book (and cost $3.99 as a result). Dan Slott will be the solo writer and Humberto Ramos, Marcos Martin, and Stefano Caselli...
  5. McCheese

    Messiah CompleX Discussion (Spoilers)

    Fine I'll start the damn thread. Lazy bastards. Messiah CompleX kicked off today with chapter one written by Ed Brubaker. This is a thread to discuss all things Messiah CompleX. Yes the X is inappropriately capitolized. I checked. This crossover is supposed to change the X-books for the...
  6. Ice

    Runaways Vol. 3 (Terry Moore/Humberto Ramos) (Spoilers)

    EXTRA! EXTRA! Terry Moore & Humberto Ramos on Runaways! EXTRA! EXTRA!