1. E

    Brilliant by Bendis & Bagley (spoilers)

    Did anyone else pick this up? I was really looking forward to it. It is the most boring thing I've read in a while. And that's saying a lot, because I read most of the New 52 books. It is so decompressed that I can't be sure what the plot is. I've never seen anything like that. It looks like...
  2. Ice

    Superior (Millar/Yu) discussion [spoilers]

    New creator owned book. Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu have announced "Superior," a new, creator-owned project that will be hitting stores in October 2010.
  3. Ice

    Fraction's CASANOVA coming to Icon.

    Revealed at the Cup O' Joe Panel at C2E2: "Casanova" returns from Icon this year as well, first in trade form with remastered colors and new material before the Matt Fraction, Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon series starts up again with new stories.
  4. E

    Scarlet by Bendis & Maleev

    Scarlet Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev bring their creator-owned SCARLET to Icon this July http://marvel.com/news/comicstories.12086.c2e2_2010~colon~_scarlet I'm more than intrigued. This is the kind of book Bendis writes well so it's reasonable to think it will be good. And...
  5. ProjectX2


    What happens when Brubaker and Phillips take a break from Criminal? INCOGNITO. Sleeper meets Criminal. This is going to be great.
  6. Ninja4peace


    Anyone read this series? I checked out Kabuki vol 7 - The Alchemy, since it moved to Marvel's ICON imprint (along with brubaker's criminal, and Benis's powers), and it's just really good. I think it's still a comic, the whole story has a scrap book sort of feel to it, and it keeps making...
  7. Grocer Man


    Since we've been so cruel to Bendis, I think it's only fair we talk about his original series. I've only read the first arc, but I thought it was pretty good.
  8. Friday

    Criminal (Brubaker) - series discussion (spoilers)

    Brubaker/Phillips Criminal IS starting to get ramped up. We've got a 5-page trailer HERE. No, its not a traditional preview, but 5 original ages just for setup. I'm stoked. Bru and Phillips did a hell of a job on Sleeper, and this looks like a grittier, unpowered story in that vien. Anyone...