Fraction's CASANOVA coming to Icon.


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Jul 24, 2004
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Revealed at the Cup O' Joe Panel at C2E2:

"Casanova" returns from Icon this year as well, first in trade form with remastered colors and new material before the Matt Fraction, Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon series starts up again with new stories.

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Excellent. Now I have a better chance of reading it.
Huh. I liked the idea of Casanova being under a smaller name publisher, but I guess this increases the chances of it staying in publication and being released at a more brisk rate.

AMAZING news!!!! This brief series was FANTASTIC! I can't 'tout it' more highly!
Apparently they're bumping it up to full-sized and full-color. Honestly, that's kind of disappointing. 16 vs. 22 pages isn't a big deal, but I really, really liked how the first two volumes were colored. It brought a lot of charm and identity to the series. Although, Newsarama has some previews up of the recolored pages and, admittedly, they are quite pretty.
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Friday will be happy to hear this.

I'm kinda torn. While I have an unhealthy love for the book (I still can't come within 100 feet for the Image Corporate Headquarters) the coloring has me a bit put off. the black white and X scheme that the original book had was beyond perfect. Of course if the Brothers from Brazil say how much better they can make the book look now with it then who am I to argue.

A picky bastard, thats who.

I.m rambling. I'll buy it. Again. When they release the first issue again it will be the 4th time. And if they release it a fifth, say in a Casanova Deluxe Edition, well, safe to say I'll buy that too.
Is it just a reprint of the first issue?

First and a bit of the second, I believe. All I know is that 7 issues are being turned into 4. But there's a new backup and other stuff too.
I'm a sucker. I know I'll end up buying the collection. Again.

But I don't have the money to get it in singles.

So, how does the new coloring look? and what about the backup?
The back up showed what happened from the nurse's perspective.

The colouring, before and after:






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Did anyone else check it out? #2 comes out next week.
Did anyone else check it out? #2 comes out next week.

I read the first volume and part of volume 2 when it was at Image.

I'll still probably recollect it now that it's in full-color with extras, but I'll be waiting on the trades this time, at least for the first volume.
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Did anyone else check it out? #2 comes out next week.

I read the first issue...I didn't really get into it. I did like the art but story-wise, it was hard for me to follow and maybe because of that I wasn't too interested in it.

I might give it another shot.
LOVED it - In this for the long haul... Actually, more accurately, I loved it AND I respected that it was pushing the boundaries (pretty good for a 4-year old comic). That always gives a comic some 'lee-way' with me. Its like Sascha Baron Cohen (sp?) - Some things in the two movies I've seen of his work, some things absolutely do not, but I respect that he's not just mailing in formula garbage.

So - I guess what I'm saying is - I love Casanova, but others should take my opinion with a grain of salt, as sometimes the love is for the actual work, and sometimes for the attempt.

Wow - This is the LAST place I thought I`d express my difficulty with separating love and respect! :)
It's also the first time I've seen Casanova/Matt Fraction compared to Sacha Baron Cohen. Congratulations, I guess.

I thought the first issue was surprisingly easy to follow along. I wasn't confused at all.

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