jeff lemire

  1. Ice

    Extraordinary X-Men (Lemire/Ramos)

    Lemire, Ramous launch "Extraordinary X-Men" post-"Secret Wars"
  2. Ice

    Hawkeye Relaunch (Lemire/Perez) Discussion/Spoilers

    Lemire & Perez Take Aim on "Hawkeye"
  3. E

    Animal Man by Jeff Lemire - The New 52 (spoilers)

    I just read issue 6 and was geeked to see John Paul Leon's art. And I loved the Red Thunder story. But I have no idea what it was about. It was a movie that Cliff was watching...but who is Red Thunder? Is it a movie that Buddy Baker was in? Am I forgetting something that was mentioned in the...
  4. ProjectX2

    Sweet Tooth

    Did anyone read Sweet Tooth #1 this week? “A cross between Bambi and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, it’s a post-apocalyptic journey full of quiet intimate moments, powerful emotion and an edge that is unlike anything you’ve ever read” Interview and Preview at Wall Street Journal...