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Sep 15, 2004
Did anyone read Sweet Tooth #1 this week?


"A cross between Bambi and Cormac McCarthy's The Road, it's a post-apocalyptic journey full of quiet intimate moments, powerful emotion and an edge that is unlike anything you've ever read"

Interview and Preview at Wall Street Journal.

"Writer & artist Jeff Lemire has created the new 'must read' book with SWEET TOOTH. It's a fairy tale turned on its ear-or antlers-that takes you on the road trip through an America slightly more fantastical and just as frightening as ours." —GEOFF JOHNS (Blackest Night)

"I would crawl over broken glass to read this." —JASON AARON (Scalped)

"Lemire's next great work is a shockingly original cocktail of the surreal. A candy-colored nightmare of family, violence and the end of the world." —MATT KINDT (Super Spy)

"Sweet Tooth is a dark, moving, and intriguing story, and Jeff Lemire's gentle writing and raw, expressive art work perfectly together." —FRANK QUITELY (Batman & Robin)

"A remarkably strange story, drawn in an appropriately expressionistic style. I need to know what's going to happen to Gus!" —PETER BAGGE (Everybody is Stupid Except for Me)

It was good. Really good. And it will probably only get better. The first issue is only a dollar so if you've got a light week, try and pick it up. I really liked The Nobody and I really liked this, so I'm definitely going to go back and read Essex County.

He'll even sign the issue and give you a sketch if you send him the issue!
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I read it.

I enjoyed how he tried to defeat the hunters using the sling, because that's what he was told.

But it's really too early to decide one way or another.
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Well, issue two. I'm reminded why I don't often read Vertigo in monthlies. Its slow as ****. If this were a movie we'd be about 15 minutes in. If issue 3 doesn't have something other than follow me happen i'l be getting a trade in 6 months.

Having said that, Gus looked positivly demonic in a few panels, and the idea that he might pre-date the plague is interesting.
I don't think #2 was as strong as #1 but it was still a good read. I'm really interested to see this world Lemire has created... especially how Gus was born before "the plague."
This is probably my favourite Vertigo title at the moment.


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