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Jul 24, 2004
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Ultimate Bill Jemas & Quesada, Part 1

With "Ultimatum" #1 promising huge change for the Ultimate Universe, CBR sat down with former Marvel President Bill Jemas and Marvel EiC Joe Quesada for an exclusive interview about the beginnings of the Ultimate line.

Eight years ago, Marvel Comics launched a new superhero universe. In an industry littered with dead universes — including a failed attempt by Marvel in the 1980s called the New Universe — Marvel's move left many scratching their heads. The new line was superficially similar to the existing Marvel Universe yet also a new construct, allowing creators to re-imagine classic characters in a modern setting not tied to decades of continuity, ostensibly for the benefit of a new generation of readers.

At the time, when Marvel was still recovering from the bankruptcy it suffered in the 1990s, there was concern that Marvel was launching a line of books that would directly compete with its existing universe. Was 2000 really the right time to launch a new superhero universe?

Apparently, it was. Marvel defied the seemingly insurmountable odds and successfully launched what has come to be known as the Ultimate Universe.
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Depressing. So much promise...wasted.

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