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  1. E

    Indestructible Hulk by Waid & Yu (spoilers)

    I'm crying tears of joy, here. A while back I posted a short piece here titled Marvel needs to reboot and fix The Hulk. I feel like someone read that and took it to heart. This is EXACTLY how Bruce Banner and Hulk should be handled. They haven't gotten Hulk right in YEARS and they finally did...
  2. E

    Supercrooks (Millar / Yu) (spoilers)

    On one hand... 1) Plot-wise, this seems reminiscent of Wanted 2) Millar's latest few books have ranged from embarrassingly bad to flatly uninteresting On the other hand... 1) The first issue was not too bad at all So I don't know. The endings of Superior and Nemesis (shudder) were so bad and...
  3. Ice

    Superior (Millar/Yu) discussion [spoilers]

    New creator owned book. Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu have announced "Superior," a new, creator-owned project that will be hitting stores in October 2010.
  4. Gemini

    Secret Invasion discussion [Spoilers]

    well might as well get this out of the way 8-issue long mini series by Brian Michael Bendis, and Leinel Francis Yu, will be the summer event of 2008, the premise is that after the destruction of the Skrull empire was destroyed yadayadayada you guys know it i found this on Brevoort's...
  5. Fredrik Martinsson

    Avengers New Avengers: The Trust discussion (#32-37 +Annual 2; spoilers)

    New avengers #32 preview
  6. darkspider

    Superman: Birthright

    Has anyone read this? I mentioned it in the Social Thread, but due to prompting from Baxter, made a thread of its own. Mark Waid wrote it, and Leinil Yu did pencils. I liked the art; there were only a few spots that seemed off, but those were miniscule compared to the rest. The whole...
  7. TheManWithoutFear

    Avengers New Avengers: Revolution discussion (#26-31; spoilers)

    Bendis will redeem himself Click the link for a preview of New Avengers #26: The Ballad of Clint Barton and Wanda Maximoff Looks great and I have faith that Bendis won't **** this up. And I was very confused trying to find this thread. Is this discussion thread for only up to 20? This...
  8. ProjectX2

    New X-Men Omnibus

    http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0785123261/?tag=tcbcom-20 Amazing. :shock:
  9. Bass

    New X-Men by Grant Morrison - discussion [spoilers]

    Ok, so Xorn was Magneto. I've looked through the issues, and some hints ("A man in an iron prison") I get, others, not so much. Morrison said that there was indeed hints in the 'widescreen' issue in which Xorn first appeared, but I can't find 'em. Anyone want to share the hints with the...