1. Jaggyd

    Transformers: Dark of the Moon discussion

    Surprisingly, this is the most G1 looking Transformer in the Bayformers trilogy.
  2. Grocer Man

    Transformers: Last Stand Of The Wreckers

    I know we don't typically talk about Transformers comics, but has anyone checked this out? I've been hearing loads of good things about it. Just to make sure everyone's on the same page, the Wreckers are a Autobot black ops group for elite missions. They have a high mortality rate, so they're...
  3. Ice

    A geeky item that's awesome!

    Transformers Memory Sticks! Official Transformers-brand USB memory sticks and mice, which on closer inspection completely mirrored the type of toys I used to obsessively collect in my childhood, are coming soon. If they're as good as the little toys I saw here, they'll be fun...
  4. Hellsbuttmonkey

    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Well, it is out here in the UK anyway.... If you liked the first film, you will love this one. It is freaking insane. The Megatron/Starscream interaction is fantastic, totally spot on with Starscream acting like a snivelling toad, followed by Megatron berating him and backhanding him (and...
  5. ProjectX2

    Transformers discussion (Spoilers!)

    Oh. Oh my God. 6/5.
  6. E

    Transformers toys (new and old)

    I picked up a couple of hte new Transformers toys, for my son of course. We got the new Bumblebee and the new Starscream, and a new version of Devistator/Constructicons which I think is just an extra...they don't seem to be part of the movie. It's pretty interesting how different they are...
  7. SSJmole

    Transformers (cartoons)

    Since the Movie discussion thread featured a lot of talk on Cartoons I figured it would be to separate them. Doesn't matter what series you watched or like here is where we can talk about it. List of shows The Transformers (original) Transformers: The Headmasters Transformers...
  8. Gemini

    Beast Wars

    after being inspired by a MSN convo with some people from this site i have decided to start a Beast Wars thread (Beasties in Canada) so this is the place to discusse the greatest CGI TV Show of all TIME! BEAST WARS!! RUURUAARGHHGHGH!!!
  9. Fredrik Martinsson

    Transformers Comics

    I have one question. Why? Full story