1. Ice

    Avengers vs The Ultimates in 2014?

    Let the complaints begin. Will Avengers Vs The Ultimates In 2014 Lead To The End Of The Ultimate Universe? The rumor is that we’re going to see an Avengers Vs The Ultimates series next year, the second 616/Ultimate crossover, pitting one Captain America against the other. But the big kicker...
  2. E

    Ultimate Comics: Ultimates by Sam Humphries (spoilers)

    I started a new thread for this because I think #13 is the first Sam Humphries-only issue. The writing itself is not bad, and the art is ok if not a little too technical-looking, but the only thing I could think of the whole time I was reading it was how and why we got to this point in the UU...
  3. T

    What plot points and characters would you like to see appear in the Ultimates?

    What plot points and characters would you like to see appear in the Ultimates? I wouldn't mind finally seeing Ultimate Hydra. Also perhaps an Ultimate version of Mockingbird would work, to give Hawkeye a love interest after his family died.
  4. ultimatedjf

    Ultimate Comics: Ultimates by Jonathan Hickman (spoilers)

    CBR reports. Because he's Jonathan Hickman, he's already got the first five arcs planned out.
  5. Goodwill

    New Ultimates

    So, on top of Millar's "Ultimate Avengers" there will be a title (written by Loeb) called "New Ultimates". I **** you not.
  6. the watcher

    Ultimates 3 #1-5 discussion [Loeb/Madureira] [spoilers]

    Not a bad start for Loeb's first Ultimates issue the title lives up to the name in the first frame. "Sex, Lies, & DVD, as we see most of the team watching a video of Tony and Natalia having... relations. And it seems as if the whole team is in a really bad mood. So there they are Hawkeye...
  7. F

    Ultimates 3 # 1 Art

    ign has some art from issue #1 Looks pretty good. I'm pretty pumped for this.
  8. Ice

    Touching the Ultimates with Jeph Loeb (NSFW)

    From Wondercon news at Newsarama, Jeph Loeb had this to say when asked about his issues on the Ultimates 3 and 4: Asked when readers might see his and Joe Madureira’s Ultimates 3, Loeb joked that, in the interest of fairness, he had to admit that he was the one who kept calling Bryan...