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  1. JudgeDreddpool

    Silent Hill Timeline

    Consider this thread my attempt to make a timeline from this iconic horror series, mainly out of both boredom and the fact that it's that time of the year. But first, a list of what is covered and what isn't: And now, onto our main presentation...
  2. Ice

    Spider-Man (PS4)

    Spider-Man's getting a brand new game for the PS4 by Insomniac!
  3. Ice

    The All-About Video Games thread

    To kick things off: Nintendo Wiis now at $200.
  4. Ice

    List of 2009 video games.

    The current list provided by Wiki. What I (or my brother) will be getting: Street Fighter IV ---------------- 360 ------ 2/17/09 Star Ocean: The Last Hope ------ 360 ------ 2/19/09 Resident Evil 5 ------------------ 360 ------ 3/13/09 Batman: Arkham Asylum --------- 360 ------ N/A Kingdom...
  5. Gemini

    All About Music Games (Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Whathaveyou)

    Thought I'd give this a shot, there has been a severe lack of talk on all things Rock Band and Guitar Hero lately, and I've come to the conclusion that it's because there really isn't a proper thread to discuss them, GHWT was folded into the GH3 thread I think, my RB2 thread didn't have 1 (!)...
  6. Void.M

    Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (spoilers)

    So, anyone else got the game yet?
  7. Ice

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 News

    I could've sworn Mole or Mole...I mean or Gemini made a thread about the sequel. Either way, Newsarama reports this: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Civil War? Zombies for Spidey?
  8. SSJmole

    Marvel Super Hero Squad Game - Press realse This could be fun. Super Hero Squad figures are pretty funny and even if this is aimed at kids it could be as fun as Lego Star wars if they do it right.
  9. slimjim

    Bosses that had you shook!

    Which Bosses that had you scared to move, scared to look like and Sephiroth in KH + KH2- i came into those fights knowing god damn well he was gonna whoop my *** with some crazy abilitys Jinpachi in tekken 5- in like 2 hits your dead :x Jecht in FFX- i saw this mother****ers HP and i...
  10. Ice

    What's a good RPG?

    That's out right now. I love playing RPG's, one of my favorite video game genres. So which one is good right now for buying for either PS2 or Gamecube?