Spider-Man (PS4)


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Spider-Man's getting a brand new game for the PS4 by Insomniac!


Drunken Pickle

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Looks fun! Been waiting to play a new Spider-Man game for awhile now. Not so sure on the spider symbol being white but oh well.


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I'm not complaining - in all honesty I couldn't care less - but I would love to have listened in on the meetings in which it was debated and decided that the spider had to be white. And huge.

Captain Canuck

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New teaser trailer looks pretty cool. I don't have a PS4 and don't plan to get one, so I'll probably never play this, but I'm happy they're making cool Spider-Man games again.

Man I like this game but man on easy I even find it difficult at times. I still recommend it though good story,voice acting,
I enjoyed this game enough to beat it four times now, with the last two play throughs on new game plus at the higher difficulty. It is definitely worth it for anyone who hasn't played it.

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