Bosses that had you shook!


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Apr 12, 2005
Which Bosses that had you scared to move, scared to look like

Sephiroth in KH + KH2- i came into those fights knowing god damn well he was gonna whoop my *** with some crazy abilitys

Jinpachi in tekken 5- in like 2 hits your dead :x

Jecht in FFX- i saw this mother****ers HP and i already knew what was up:(

gannondorf in ocarina of time-i had no light arrows on me the first time.

sugar-man in x-men legends 2-his attacks were just way to strong, you had to run and hit him from afar to even have a chance.

Metal Kor in Jak 2
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The Barinade on my first time through Ocarina of Time, as well as Phantom Ganon/Ganondorf. Ganon was easy.

Final Bowser on Mario 64, I still get whupped by him.

the Rhino my first time though on USM. until I figured out to switch the sticking button to make it easier.
Genetically/Cybernetically enhanced Jacob Crow in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.

Not only did he look freakin' horrifying, but he's probably the hardest boss I've ever faced. I literally took me in the vicinity of 80 tries to beat him.
Ah, good old Jinpachi. With the retarded mouth coming out of his stomach. I played the game with Jin, and it took me like 10 times to beat him. Everyone else I played with afterwards, I managed to annihilate Jinpachi with.
The final boss in Metroid Prime. Ridley was bad enough, but nevertheless beatable. That big insect boss at the end just obliterated me every time. Took me aeons to beat that thing.
The strongest boss is FFX. He was scary looking but I overkilled him in one hit.

The strongest bosses in all final fantasy besides that one are really tough. Especially 8. But I beat them. I beat them all.

Devil May Cry bosses are the worst.
I remember having the hardest time beating Doc Ock in Spidey 2. He was just ridicoulosly mean to me.
From what I can remember right now:

Omega - Final Fantasy V <--A killer if you don't know how to prepare
Ozma - Final Fantasy IX <--Same as above
Penance - Final Fantasy X <--A killer. PERIOD! :shock:

Hmmm... all of them are from Final Fantasy games :? Can it have something to do with the fact that I am currently playing Final Fantasy V Advance? :wink:
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I remember having the hardest time beating Doc Ock in Spidey 2. He was just ridicoulosly mean to me.

he was to me too the first time around.

now i know what to do he's easier but still annoying
Metal Gear Rex from Metal Gear Solid. Huge and intimidating. Not too hard, but my hands were sweating nonetheless.
Doc Ock was a major pain.

yeah, the key was using your spider-sense, otherwise you were screwed. I had a hard time with vamp in metal gear solid 2, as well as Chaos 0 in the oroginal sonic adventure. As for the scariest, i would have to say Nemesis of Resident Evil Fame.
Jack of Blades at the end of Fable I still havent beat him one of these day ill try again.
Jack of Blades is pretty simple... Just remember that there is a block button! :) I had trouble beating him myself...

I would have to say in Prince of Persia 3, there are these two bosses that I can't beat for the life of me... You're in a fiery ring these two guys, one with an axe and the other with a sword, just circle you and you can't hurt them. It's nuts. And annoying.
Doc Ock, not the final fight but when you had to shut off the switches, my god. Final Bosses on Sonic games (the early ones)
Final Bosses on Sonic games (the early ones)

Sonic 2 was very hard

Also another boss kind of that was hard for me was on dragonball z budokai tenkaichi on ps2 when you had to survive against Ôzaru vegeta! My god that was hard and annoying.

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