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Mar 9, 2005
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From CBR - the 2006 Ultimates Annual will be written by Charlie Huston:

He may be the new guy when it comes to writing comics but Huston is a fan of Millar’s writing and the colorful cast of characters that make up “The Ultimates.” “They’re an utterly dysfunctional super group,” Huston said. “Alcoholic, vain, fascistic, abusive, bi-polar, and homicidal are just a few of the lovely characteristics members of the Ultimates display. I love them.”

This year’s “Ultimates” Annual is set shortly after “Grand Theft America” and finds the team in rough shape. “The entire team, or whatever portion of it Millar and Hitch leave breathing, will make appearances,” Huston explained. “But the bulk of the story will focus on Cap and The Falcon.”

“I’m still ironing out details, but the basic idea is a road trip across America with Cap and Sam,” Huston stated. “What I’m interested in digging into is the relationship between a white man who has a 1940s mentality and a contemporary black American. You frequently get to see Cap reacting to the brave new world of the 21st century, but what about the 60 years he missed? What does he think about all the #### that went down while he was frozen? And, you know, he’s gonna throw his shield at some ###holes along the way.”
I hope it doesn't spoil the ending to GTA. I want to see who actually dies during the storyline.

But the roadtrip thing sounds cool.

And this is interesting:

The ###holes that will be getting a face full of Cap’s shield will include a number of villains making their Ultimate Universe debut. “I’m working on some new Ultimate villains,” Huston said. “They are contemporary versions of older villains that Ultimate Cap may have faced in WWII.”

I want me some Ultimate Baron Zemo.
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Yeah they never really explored Cap's reaction to the present. Its like he's holding his opinions in, just going with the flow. I'd like to see him flip out about soemthings
I think we're going to see some Chitauri back.

And Doc Comic, this is for you:

“Me, I think the UMU is crying out for Ultimate Speedball. I’m gonna pitch it to Joe Quesada. ‘Page one panel one: Ultimate Speedball bouncing off and wall. Page one panel two: Ultimate Speedball being sucked into a massive black hole that appears out of nowhere and rends him to theoretical particles when he hits the event horizon. Page two through page twenty-two: Ultimate Joe Quesada gets drunk at Ultimate Speedball’s wake and plays the Stairway to Heaven solo on his guitar.”
So let me get this stright: the ultimates annual for this year will be taking place shortly after Grand Theft America. But how long do you think that the annual will take place before ultimates 3? and the story is focising on cap and the falcon hmmmmm interesting. i'm willing to bet that falcon is going to join the ultimates
In the NY con news for the weekend, pretty much all that was said about the Ultimates 3 dates was "later in the year" or "late fall" (depending on which website you read). So, if I had to guess, I'd say Ultimates V2 will finish up in June or July, the Annual will come out a couple months later (Sept?) and then Ultimates 3 will start up in late Oct/November.

I believe Ultimate V3 is said to be set "one year later" (that's what happens when you get writers from DC), pushing the Ultimates title way out in front of the other title's timelines. Again.
roguefan said:
Yeah, but U2 was set 'one year later' after U1.

The point being that the "plus one year" push between V1 and V2 of Ultimates pushed it ahead of all the other Ultimate U titles, and now they're going to do it again.
I guess that answers my querry about what volume it will be a part of... or not.

I'll just wait and see, rearranging wont be too much of a hassle...
I like that they are going to explore the dynamic between a 1940's fellow and a modern black man...


they are forgetting one thing: Nick Fury is also black, so this isnt something completely new to Cap, don't you think??
Sounds like Huston wanted to do a "road trip" book, though, and I doubt Fury is available to go wandering around the US for a bit, especially given what a wreck SHIELD will probably be in after V2 is over.

Pretty sure Fury survives V2, as he's too integral a character in the Ultimates U to get rid of.
marvelman said:
I like that they are going to explore the dynamic between a 1940's fellow and a modern black man...


they are forgetting one thing: Nick Fury is also black, so this isnt something completely new to Cap, don't you think??
Yeah they addressed that in vol 1 when cap wakes up and Fury says he's a general, Cap thinks somethings up and attacks saying, "I knew the highest rankin nbalck man in the military, and he just a captian." or something to that effect
While sounding interesting, I can't help but be remembered of Red Dwarf, a British sci-fi comedy in which the four main characters were; an android designed to clean toilets, a hologram of one of the dead crew, the last human being alive, and a being that evolved from cats the way humans evolved from apes.

Out of these four, the only humanoid creatures (the last human and the cat) are played by black actors and the other two (the android and hologram) are played by white actors.

In 8 years there is not one single scene, not one single line, that even mentions racism.

That, my friends, is not only unbelievably rare, but it's called 'progress'.
This sounds like a pretty great idea... I'm actually looking forward to this year's Annual and the Ultimates 3. Hopefully, this Annual will be a preview of what we'll see in the next chapter of the Ultimates. Falcon? Yes! An exploration of Captain America? Nice!

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