A new villian every arc?


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Jun 11, 2004
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Do you think the X-men will get a new villain every arc for the forseeable future, or does anybody anticipate a returning villain soon?
Well they dont have too many villains to fight off as does Spidey, so I think they should have new villains show up every new arc for at least 3 or 4 arcs or so. Then they can have some return. Like Apocolypse. Maybe like they way did did it with Magneto. Was in the first arc, then 3 arcs later hes back.
Well, we saw during Bendis' New Mutants arc - whether you liked it or not - that an arc doesn't have to revolve around an actual "villain" so to speak. There's still a lot of ground that can be covered on the mankind/mutantkind coexistence front.
I don't think we're going to see Apocalypse unless we see Sinister in the comic again, because I still think he was just in Sinister's head. Would Vaughan introduce a villain of that magnitude if he was only filling in until Singer came aboard? Unless that's what Singer's run is/was intended to be about, but that would only be speculation.
Right... I don't want all of the villains introduced within the first 100 issues of this series. Yes, it is possible!
Too much villian repetition brings up the question as to why these individuals are escaping custody or coming back from the dead so often. Magneto shouldn't come back too often as a break out would look really bad for SHEILD, and really there's only so much you can do with him, as in the end he's a violent fanatic, he can either reform, alternately harden and soften his ideas unendingly (as he seemd to do in 616) or go on a rampage to end all rampages get killed then come back again. Morisson did the right thing in New X-Men, and Millar highlighted the same flaw in his stories, Magneto is an inhernet, and pathetic contradiction, he claims to be the new man but is stuck in the basest most primitive side of the human nature he claims to be free of. He's a bit of a one trick pony and it takes a good writer to work with that to get a good story. And a lot of X-Men villians are fairly one dimensional - though when you think about it there haven't been that many and of those most are dead. Proteus appears to be street pizza (though theres a slight possibility he might come back) Wraith is dead (though Weapon X has a greater potential shelf life), The Hellfire Club is quite literally toast. And aside from Sinsiter and the looming background threat of maybe more Sentinels at a later date (officially sanctioned or otherwise) that's about it folks, there's not a whole lot to repeat. And quite frankly repetition gets boring. Less rehash and more fresh Ultimate redos.
I hate how Bendis already plots his arcs six months in advance and sometimes earlier. I wish we had some idea what kind of action to expect within the next 12 issues. What are some goals the editors and writers have set for our mutants?
Not a clue... I think that Bendis planning like that is good. We don't get delays and he is delivering quality stuff before anyone else could. Lighten up here ;)!
Oh, I didn't finish my statement. I'm sorry. I mean I love how Bendis is the only guy who'll give us something to tide us over by letting us know what's coming up, but hate how his work ethics, which are highly successful, haven't rubbed off on the other writers yet.
And nothing will. He's a very good writer that knows his priorities. He's a writer that Marvel should hold on to for a very long time.
Not only that but he's been fortunately enough to have time to get his arcs situated. Tempest was done while New Mutants was coming out, and Cry Wold was being done while Tempest was coming out. Having 2 separate artists helped a lot - same idea for Ultimate Nightmare and whatever Ultimate Nightmare part 2.
I asked this in relation to the rumored Chinese Ultimates, and I'll broach it again in here. Granted that these stories are supposed to bring old Marvel stories to a younger audience, but doesn't anyone get excited about the possibility of a new character as a villain? Maybe once we get UXM to settle on a writer the way USM has, we might see some fresh characters, mixed in with the Ultimate versions of classics, for our villains.
I think once these characters have evolved enough to a newer audience (such as myself) I'm sure we'll start to see the debuts of other characters never before seen in 616 Marvel.
Well, J, there's an interesting deal there. Only, I would like to see more alternate versions of 616 characters before that.
Given that the whole point of Ultimate everything is to retell the stories without the continuity baggage, I doubt we'll see an original major character. You get stuff like Geldoff or Kong, but no one important.
But how about ultimizing some old vilains like the maruaders or something. I believe someone mentioned that somewhere.
How about the Morlocks? I believe the new X-men: Legends game is supposed to take place in the Ultimate universe, and looking at some of the game concept and previews, the Morlocks as well as the Sentinels play a big part in the game. You can even wander the mansion as Magma!
Is dead!

The game, I think, focuses on Magma, Dark Images. I heard that she is a valuable mutant to both Xavier and Magneto and they fight over her for a short while, Xavier finally being the victor. The same with the Morlocks and Gambit. They want him, but can't have him due to the X-Men! That game looks great!

I also think that the older characters should have a crack at the Ultimate Universe. With the right writer, there can be some serious alterations that could prove to make a great Ultimate Universe. Take a look at Dazzler and Sinister.
Uh.. sorry to dissapoint anyone, but its not an "Ultimate X-Men" game. Its actually an X-Men RPG that has an Ultimate look. Theres no "Ultimate" charcter. They are just supposed to have the Ultimate look. But it will still be a hot game. 9-24-04!

And back on topic...
I would like to see an ultimate version of the Morlocks. That would great to see. Maybe they can actually bring in Callisto trying to take someone or something and the X-Men have to fight them.

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