A new villian every arc?

Well, that guy, too was just there to be there. Seems like Millar was trying to build up an army and if he needed to go as low as to pick off one of the Hellfire Club's members, that's pretty lame... We need to get these character established before they up and show up again. We don't know what Vaughan's doing, but I'm sure it's a safe bet that MM won't be involved.
Or is he.....
Ha! just kidding!

But seriously, I dont like that these characters just show here and there and then not show up again. But sometimes you might have to do that, 'cuz then if you dont, well then... that be A LOT of characters to write about.
I think it helps to clear out who's useful in the Ultimate universe and who's best forgotten. Marrow did technically make an appearance, but she's such and eyesore of a character she was given an appearance that was more meanigful than she could be, as the victim of a mutant serial killer.
I don't think I can agree with that. As we have definitely seen in the past three years, characters have been drastically changed... They are different characters almost compared to their 616 counterparts. It's insane, almost. Marrow could be as important as Cyke for all we care... Just depends on the writer.
It's going to be difficult to write arcs for this title using "ultimized" versions of 616 villains, since UXM seems to want to stay clear of all the time travel/dimension hopping/intergalactic-like stuff because that is a HUGE part of 616 X-Men. We saw what Vaughan did to ultimize Apocalypse, but can the same be done for all the rest of the characters that fall under these banners (Bishop, Cable, Strife, The Sh'iar, etc.). I mean, that stuff was as big a part - if not bigger - than the stuff relating to human/mutant co-existence. Sure, some of these characters could get a pretty good treatment without tying them into those categories..but all of them?
Saying that, we still have no idea whether The Phoenix will be connected to any of those, and that would change the direction of the title significantly. Hope not.
Yeah, I dont think all of them cant get that kinda treatment. If they did, thats a lot of people to write about, right?
Marrow did technically make an appearance

We don't know that. It might have been someone who looked like 616 Marrow, but Marrow was never named.
Wasn't it you, UltimateE, that told me to not count on her coming back?

Hmmm...I don't recall saying that. I might have though. I mean, whoever it is, she's dead.
But if you think about it and really, really consider it... Wouldn't you rather that dead mutant be Marrow rather than someone that looks exactly like her and have seemingly the same powers as that particular mutant.
Wouldn't you rather that dead mutant be Marrow rather than someone that looks exactly like her and have seemingly the same powers as that particular mutant

Because it cheapens the story and the character otherwise.
Oh, for sure... We have the government consiparcy end of the story right now left open ended. There are probably things that the X-Men are being left out of. Hell, the government may have another mutant team behind their back... We don't know but the Sentinels and the gov't haven't been cleaned completely, I'll say that much.

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