After Schism, X-Men: Regenesis.

Also, two new previews.


I can't believe I didn't notice this, but on the Uncanny cover, it's definitely Magneto in the back left. And I'm pretty sure to Emma's right it's Iceman.

Also, the X-Men cover with Jubilee and without a doubt has to have Warpath right behind her.

X-Men #20 (with Jubilee on the cover) looks like Warpath, Domino (short hair, gun), Psylocke (right arm up with a psi-dagger), and somebody with a cape or wings in the background...I have no clue who though)

Uncanny X-Men #1 (with Emma Frost) looks like Magneto, either Juggernaut or Rockslide(is that his name?), Danger, and I think probably Gambit.
BC pointed out that the covers seem to be separated into ones with blue font and yellow font, presumably to signify a "Gold Team/Blue Team" split.
I know it's Psylocke, but I wish it were X-23 beside Jubilee on the X-Men cover. I'm a sucker for the relationship Marjorie Liu is building between them in X-23.
I will read 1.5 of these comics.
Possibly X-Force more than the others since it was said the team would change or something since Wolverine will be heading back to New York with his team, likely leaving X-Force.

It'll definitely not be Astonishing. One of the editors have already said it's going to stay the same, having stories outside of the other X-books, though still within the same universe and all.
Who the **** is Robbi Rodriguez?! Where's my Jerome Opena?! :(

I'm guessing that's the Nightcrawler from the Age of Apocalypse universe since that's where they are in the current arc.
who is that? Deadpool, Phantomex, and who's the girl? (EDIT: wait, is that Psylocke? Then who's the woman standing next to Jubilee on the cover of X-Men?)

The Wolverine and Legacy covers should be reversed.

yeah, you're right. And there's another book that goes between them.

actually, no they go like that w/ Uncanny X-Force on the left

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