1. Ice

    X-Men: No More Humans OGN (Carey/Larocca)

    CAREY, LAROCCA TEAM FOR "X-MEN: NO MORE HUMANS" OGN "No More Humans" spins directly out of the events of the recently-concluded "Battle of the Atom" crossover, with part of the tale focused specifically on the story of Raze, the future son of Wolverine and Mystique. "As far as he's...
  2. Ice

    Wolverine & The X-Men v2. (Jason Latour/Mahmud Asrar)

    It's getting relaunched!!! “As we’ve seen this first year or so of the Jean Grey School has been a hard road,” Latour tells IGN. “As a result we’ll begin with a lot of the teachers and students sitting on the edge of their seats just waiting for the bell to ring. For a break, for a...
  3. Ice

    Best Comic-film of 2013.

    Out of the comic movies we've had this year, which one would you say is the best? What's your order from best to worst? Vote and post!
  4. Ice

    The Order of X (X-Men re-invisioned paintings)

    This is really amazing. Concept artist and illustrator, Nate Hallinan has re-invisioned the X-Men in medieval style.
  5. Ice

    Amazing X-Men (Spoilers)

    New ongoing coming November with the first arc to have Nightcrawler's return! The first arc is called "The Quest for Nightcrawler" and the series will have Firestar joining the ranks of the Jean Grey School staff/X-Men! Firestar and Iceman on the same team! I think I'm going into shock here...
  6. Ice

    X-Termination (March 2013)

    Now we know what happens (sort of) to AoA Nightcrawler after the current Uncanny X-Force ends: Reported by CBR: "Whether the "X-Termination" story will be a crossover, a return for Nightcrawler or something else entirely is anybody's guess at this point."
  7. Ice

    This is War (October 2012)

    Marvel teases with "THIS IS WAR" campaign "... Marvel Comics began a new teaser image campaign to ramp up for Comic-Con International in San Diego 2012. Two images depicting artifacts from the Marvel Universe -- including Thor's shattered hammer and Wolverine's burning claws -- were revealed...
  8. Ice

    Wolverine & The X-Men (Spoilers) (Jason Aaron run)

    Time for the first two covers to be un-blacked. And posting #3 to show something: What is it with all those little Nightcrawler creatures? Are they there for a reason or is Bachalo signing his work in a weird, but unique kind of way?
  9. Ice

    After Schism, X-Men: Regenesis.

    What looks to be the new 'trade dress': MARVEL READIES THE X-MEN FOR A "REGENESIS" After announcing the end of its longest running title in "Uncanny X-Men" last week, Marvel Comics has unveiled plans for two new series to take its place. Resulting from the events in "X-Men: Schism," the...
  10. Ice

    Marvel's "5 Ronin" (Peter Milligan)

    MARVEL'S NEXT BIG THING: "5 RONIN" Marvel's Next Big Thing actually involves five things—or five people, rather. Wolverine, Psyclocke, the Punisher, Deadpool and the Hulk star in the upcoming five-issue, weekly miniseries "5 Ronin." The title re-imagines the quintet of heroes as masterless...
  11. Captain Canuck

    Marvel's newest imprint: Astonishing

    Marvel.com: Marvel's Senior Vice-President of Sales & Circulation David Gabriel: EDIT: Here's some promo art
  12. ProjectX2

    Ultimate X (Loeb/Adams)

    I am surprised no one is talking about this. I especially liked this line: "People who've read the (top secret) scripts are surprised how different they are from my other work in the Ultimate Universe, harking back to things like 'Superman For All Seasons.' My hope is readers enjoy it as much...
  13. ProjectX2

    Marvel Anime

    So Warren Ellis is writing anime for Marvel and Madhouse Productions. The currently announced titles/shows are Iron Man and Wolverine. Bizarre.
  14. Ice

    Wolverine: Weapon X (Aaron/Garney)

    Aaron & Garney Reunite on Wolverine: Weapon X Ongoing As X-Men Origins: Wolverine hits theaters next year, the character will get a brand new ongoing comic book, Wolverine: Weapon X. Reuniting writer Jason Aaron and artist Ron Garney, who brought readers last year's "Get Mytique" arc in...
  15. Gemini

    Wolverine and the X-Men (Spoilers)

    Okay, I saw the ep, I didn't account for the timezone so luckily i didn't miss the show. And it was pretty good, not spectacular or anything, it kinda felt like a continuation of X-Men Evolution. there was a number of surprising cameo's, including a couple of Yost's pet characters, (Dust...
  16. Ice

    Astonishing X-Men: Second Stage (Discussion/Spoilers)

    Re: Astonishing X-Men - series discussion (spoilers) Wizard has announced that Ellis' run on Astonishing X-Men: Second Stage (thread now renamed) will begin in July. The cast? The same. So that begs the question: If it's the same, who's not coming back?
  17. Ice

    Wolverine & X-Men: Now Manganized!

    "Maganized" © Ice Words, Inc. And to the actual report brought to you by Newsarama: X-MEN AND WOLVERINE: THE MANGA From the New York Anime Fest - Marvel and Del Rey have joined forces to produce new OEL manga starring Wolverine and the X-Men... ----------------- Today at...
  18. Gemini

    Ghost Rider series discussion (Spoilers!)

    Jason Aaron of Scalped fame will be taking over both Wolverine and Ghost Rider in February 2008 he will be doing a four issue stint with artist Ron Garney after Marc Guggenheim finishes his story, starting with issue #62 and he is going to be the ongoing writer on Ghost Rider with a plot...
  19. Ice

    X-Force discussion (spoilers and the like).

    What really is going on is that Newsarama finally revealed that the images show that Cable will have his own title again (March 2008.) and X-Force is coming back (February 2008.) with X-23 part of the team. Who else is in it? Just take a look: More pictures and an interview...
  20. Friday

    Logan - BKV and Risso - speculation

    This is a thread to speculate on the 2007 project by Brian K Vaughan (Runnaways, Ultimate X-Men) and Edward Risso (100 Bullets, Batman: Broken City) Links to linework for the book http://www.newsarama.com/NewJoeFridays/NJF24art/2.jpg http://www.newsarama.com/NewJoeFridays/NJF24art/3.jpg...