After Schism, X-Men: Regenesis.

All of Gold team revealed:

Fantomex stays in Uncanny X-Force, un-shockingly enough. By that I mean his shadow was always a dead give-away.

Idie leaves to join Wolverine. Rachel gets a new look and joins Rouge. Madrox, Longshot with X-Factor and joined by other new member, Polaris.

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I will read three of those.
I'm surprised at the inclusion of Kid Omega on Wolverine's team, considering the events of Schism.
That is what is making things the most interesting. The best thing I can think of is that Wolverine decides he can keep a better job of keeping an eye on him or something than Cyclops.
Probably Rachel Grey since she hates Scott and all (unless she died in the Cosmic stuff which I haven't read).

Also, if I remember correctly, they were at least leaning (if not outright saying) that she's Rachel Grey-Howlett, not Rachel Grey-Summers
Whaaaat? Where was this? This is a first I hear about that.

Disregard, Lobdell shot that down when Sinister definitively said she was a Summers. I believe it was Fraction that started the Howlett rumor. I'll ask around, to see where it may have been mentioned.

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