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So, here we go with Amazing Spider-Man Volume 4. We'll see how long it lasts before it gets relaunched or brought back into the volume 1 numbering.

Issue 1 was pretty good. The joke that Spider-Man made to Leo about Kraven's nipples made me laugh out loud. It's a bit weird to see Peter being so successful, but they still made him a bit of a goof, so it worked. They addressed the "poor man's Tony Stark" issue head on, whether or not they addressed it satisfactorily is another issue. But I'm interested in the new direction.

Slott mentioned having a love triangle as a part of the new status quo. I wonder if that's going to be between Peter, Lian, and Bobbi.

Then again, it might be between Peter and Anna Maria, and the living brain. (Just kidding). That was probably my least favourite part, though. Let it go.

However, I do like the corporate sabotage/espionage angle with Sanjani.

On a side note, when Peter encrypted his webware watch, he used the code phrase "Reilly. Room 30. Crusher Hogan." I understood the first and last reference, but what does room 30 refer to?

And then there was the return of Regent. I feel like he wasn't interesting enough to bring back, but again. I do like the way Slott folded him into to the storyline that he has been developing all along.
Slott is bringing back the classic villains issue by issue from the dead.

#1: Doctor Octopus

#2: Rhino

#3: Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)

I feel like he's going to be building up to a new Sinister Six. Also, how is Aleksi (Rhino) back? He died the last time he was around in a magnificent two-part story, unless there's something I missed after that. I am enjoying the new volume so far, though.
Either way, Slott is bringing back the classics one by one in the cliffhangers. Interested to see what exactly he'll do with them.
Wow, I'm really enjoying this new direction of Spider-Man. I didn't think I would based on the concept, but Slott's doing a good job. I love how much love Spidey is getting in the comic. Peter is being appreciated and Spider-Man is seen as a hero. It may all come crashing down around him eventually - that is the ole Parker luck after all - but for now, it's really fresh and fun. I like how Slott set up the players over the first five issues, introducing Mocking Bird and Prowler and Torch and Harry and (I assume) Norman and Scorpio and Doc Ock (and the others from the sinister six). I even am enjoying the chemistry between Bobbi and Peter, and you know how much I want him and MJ back together.

#4: The Lizard!

Who will it be in #5? Sandman? Electro? Place your bets!

Turns out there wasn't a tease at the end. You just find out who Scorpio was. But my guesses are Vulture, Sandman, and Mysterio to round out the six (if it is leading to the sinister six, Norman is obviously not part of it). Although Electro is a good guess too.
Having Cloak and Dagger corrupted by Mr Negative and reversed is a cool idea.

I didn't read this issue, but that happened in a tie-in to Spider-Island. IIRC Nick Spencer wrote it.
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It was, but it was ignored until this point so it's kind of odd that it's been brought back.

Have they been in other stuff since then?

EDIT: just did some quick research and most of the wikis have Spider-Island: Cloak and Dagger as their last appearance (wow, that's a while ago). So I guess they've been negative ever since then.
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Have they been in other stuff since then?

EDIT: just did some quick research and most of the wikis have Spider-Island: Cloak and Dagger as their last appearance (wow, that's a while ago). So I guess they've been negative ever since then.

That's not right. I remember them in Sabretooth Reborn (Jeph Loeb) and a comic with Superior Spider-Man (not sure which one). I know there was more. I definitely read more.
So here's the whole "Dead No More" banner (minus the big reveal of Doc Ock)


It looks like we have Martha and Billy Connors, Fancy Dan, Uncle Ben, Jean DeWolff, Captain Stacy, and maybe Marla Jameson and Ned Leeds? (or Fredrick Foswell?)

Then Spider-Man clearly fighting Doc Ock.

Then Rhino, Lizard, and Electro.

Then Kaine, Prowler, and Madame Web.

Then Gwen with some guy in a dog mask... Possibly a jackal mask? But that's not what the Jackal looks like. Maybe it's Sarah and Gabriel Stacy?

Even though Doc Ock is clearly the centre piece, this seems like a Jackal story. Or it could be a Mysterio story. He died in Daredevil and then came back without explanation, so who knows.

I've also considered the fact that tomorrow is April 1.
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The Stacy twins never died IIRC. I miss them. I hate that editorial wouldn't let JMS make them Peter's. I swear JMS had the best Spider-Man run since Conway. Peter was mature, responsible, and had his **** together. OMD would have been a great spot to kill off Aunt May and have Peter have to deal with being a public hero. :(

I hope that's not Ock, but rather the midget lady. A midget female Doc Ock sounds awesome.
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Oh, hey, look... Doctor Octopus.


The Stacy twins never died IIRC. I miss them.

Yeah, but they may be behind the whole thing? Rhino, Electro, and Lizard aren't dead either.

EDIT: neither is Prowler... And Kaine only sort of died... twice.
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