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  1. Captain Canuck

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man Volume 4 [SPOILERS]

    So, here we go with Amazing Spider-Man Volume 4. We'll see how long it lasts before it gets relaunched or brought back into the volume 1 numbering. Issue 1 was pretty good. The joke that Spider-Man made to Leo about Kraven's nipples made me laugh out loud. It's a bit weird to see Peter...
  2. Ice

    Spider-Man Spider-Verse Discussion/Spoilers

    Dan Slott Unveils "Spider-Verse" Featuring "Every Spider-Man Ever" Call began with the first details: Starting in November, Slott and Olivier Coipel are bringing "every Spider-Man from every universe together for the first time." The story starts in "Amazing Spider-Man" #9, and continues in...
  3. Ice

    Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man Year One: Learning to Crawl

    AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Goes Back to YEAR ONE for New Mini-Series May 2014 will see a five-part story called The Amazing Spider-Man Year One: Learning to Crawl that will run side-by-side with the main Amazing Spider-Man series. Released as a five-part mini-series with numbering of Amazing...
  4. Ice

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man (Slott/Ramos)

    Leaked by Comic Book Movie
  5. Ice

    Silver Surfer (Slott/Allred) SPOILERS

    March 2014. "Silver Surfer's going to meet a kindred spirit in a woman from Earth. You're going to find out that the universe is more fun when you see it with someone." Sounds very Doctor-Who like.
  6. E

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man #700 is so incredibly bad it deserves its own thread (spoilers)

    So, Amazing Spider-Man #700 has leaked. It's easy to find if you know where to look. I'll preface this by saying that it is entirely possible that this is a ruse by Marvel. They've put out fake pages before, so it's not outside the realm of possibility. So until you see the issue and not a...
  7. Ice

    Spider-Man The Superior Spider-Man (Slott/Stegman/Delgado) SPOILERS

    SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN Revealed at Marvel NOW! With New Suit The original "Superior" teaser was the most enigmatic of Marvel's one-word clues to the future of their Marvel NOW! relaunch. Last week, the word added a few more: Slott, Stegman, Ramos. All three, the writer and two artists...
  8. Captain Canuck

    Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man post-Spider-Island (ASM #674 and beyond)

    So Spider-Island is over, seems like a good time for a new Spidey thread. ASM #674, anyone else find Vulture a little Penguin-eque at the end of this issue?
  9. Captain Canuck

    Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man: Big Time (ASM #648 and beyond)

    So Brand New Day is officially over and Big Time has begun. As has been previously stated in other threads (I think) ASM will now come out bi-weekly and be a 30-page book (and cost $3.99 as a result). Dan Slott will be the solo writer and Humberto Ramos, Marcos Martin, and Stefano Caselli...
  10. SSJmole

    Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

    (Title can be changed later when we get more details) From http://uk.ps3.ign.com/articles/106/1061829p1.html This oddly fills me with hope as they admit the old ones sucked.
  11. Ice

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man: Extra! (Discussion/Spoilers)

    Though I'd start off the thread with a few preview pages from Paolo Rivera himself, who's doing an 18-page story with Zeb Wells. The issue is due in stores on January the 28th: This is also the first time Paolo is coloring his own work for a comic.
  12. Captain Canuck

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man #581-582 "Mind on Fire" (Spoilers)

    Okay, so this is the arc I've been waiting for. I'm pretty disappointed that it's only two issues long, but I'm glad they FINALLY are addressing this. 581 wasn't very impressive, a lot of talking and then mark Raxton who is still suffering from the Molten Man stuff goes crazy on Harry. The...
  13. ultimatedjf

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man "New Ways to Die" discussion (#568-573) (spoilers)

    I'm still geeking out over Part 1 of "New Ways to Die". Slott and Romita Jr.; can't get any better than that. (Sorry, but I like JRjr.) I hope the quality of Brand New Day will be permanently raised after this arc, 'cuz I can't imagine it going back to new villains every month like it has been...
  14. E

    Spider-Man Dan Slott on J. Jonah Jameson [SPOILERS?]

    Via Ain't It Cool News:
  15. Gemini

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man: Brand New Day (#546-567) (Spoilers)

  16. Ice

    Avengers Avengers: The Initiative (Discussion Spoilers)

    Alright, the series is not out yet. But here's news that we'll begin this thread with that will be the discussion thread for the new ongoing series. No, you read correctly. Ongoing series. Read the report on Newsarama.
  17. M

    She-Hulk V2 thread

    Starting NOW! Here's a preview of She-Hulk V2 #1, up on Newsarama. The first issue is due out 10/19 (that's actually a week EARLIER than previously scheduled). Looks good. Pretty much you are either a Bobillo fan or you're not, no real middle ground there. I think his art is a good...