Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth


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Jun 30, 2005
South Wales, UK
Anyone read this?

Just picked it up today, very good stuff. Liked the art a lot. I thought the Joker was really well done in it as well.
Great graphic novel. I like how the recent edition has the full script included.
I'm glad you started this thread - this is a GN I picked up an a con a couple years ago and it is still sitting in my "to read" stack.
Arkham Asylum is great and really creepy.

Damn. It's like Frank Miller and Guillermo del Toro had a baby and the baby made a Batman movie.

It's awesome.

Pffffft.... Everyone knows David Cronenberg deserves to direct the Arkham Asylum movie.
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I said this in the general comic thread, but this book did not impress me that much. I believe that the problem is the art. It's creepy and works well for individual scenes but why the hell is it so hard to figure out what's going on? Reading the script at the back, Grant describes some really awesome scenes but I turn to the page where it's happening and it's just a mess.
I finished reading this today before I come online. I have to say this was pretty cool. Not the best but certainly not the worst. I hate the art style used in this book HOWEVER I love it in this book it just works and works really well.

I thought Joker looked great on this. Not like a clown so much but like a mental patient which he is and again it works with in this context.


I said it works for this book so I love it for this book but that particular art style in other books i'm not a fan of. Which is cool.
So...I bought this a couple of years ago, read about a quarter of it, and it got buried in one of my "to read" piles. I forgot about it until yesterday afternoon. I picked it up and half of it last night, the other half tonight.

And it seriously is one of the more disturbing comics I've ever read.

The art was awesome. My only real complaint was that the Joker's words are hard to read because of the shadow effect they put on them.

The part where Two-Face lets him go was great.

And the whole backstory of Amadeus Arkham was incredible. Very dark and twisted.
The idea of Two-Face being weened off his coin and onto a die and then a Tarot deck is so good. I wish it had been utilized in the main continuity.

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