1. Cheimison

    Damian Gets Worse

    First of all, I read Morrison's entire run, lots of the graphic novels and a bunch of New 52 comics with Damian. I say this because the exact comics people tell me to read about him are exactly why I don't like him. Like all semi-popular characters he's stuck in a loop of zero character...
  2. sephwells

    Calling All Batman Fans (I need some help!)

    Hey all! Here's the lowdown; I've recently fallen in love with all things Batman. I've been a longtime Marvel fan, only having dabbled in DC all throughout growing up- recently, I decided to attempt to properly delve into the DCEU, starting with Batman films. I got hooked, and went on to read...
  3. UltimateWhovian7

    Batman: Arkham Game Series - Timeline

    I love the Arkham games, so much that I decided to make a timeline of them. The games will be in orange and bold text. The comic series like the Arkham City prequel will be in green text and bold. The animated movie 'Assault On Arkham' will be in red text. Timestamps and page numbers will not be...
  4. JaneDoe297

    Timmverse Discussion

    How do you think the Batman the animated/Justice League Batman would have handled Damian Wayne? This is a question that has been rattling around in my brain for a bit and I was curious about other people's opinions. If Damian Wayne had existed in the Timmverse what do you think the...
  5. Ice

    Is Batman's origin pivotal to comic book history?

    I'm having a discussion with someone on Facebook about Batman's origin (the murder of his parents) and wether or not it's pivotal to comic book history. Not just to Batman's own history, but the history of comic books in general. We're on two different sides: the other person says it's not...
  6. E

    Joel Schumacher is writing comics based on his Batman movies

    I don't expect these to be like the movies since he has apologized constantly for them and seems to be trying to distance himself from them, but still... I can't decide if Batsuit nipples will ruin these books or if the books would be ruined without them.
  7. Ice

    Batman Eternal (Spoilers)

    Has anyone read this series yet? Two issues in and it's amazing. The art and writing, hand-in-hand, create a great comic that is very exciting and thrilling. I am pumped for more and am glad this is a weekly series because waiting month-to-month would drive me crazy. Definitely recommend this...
  8. Ice

    Batman: Strange Days Animated short by Bruce Timm

    Bruce Timm returns to Batman! DC Entertainment Debuts New BRUCE TIMM BATMAN Animated Short Images Debuting April 9, 2014 alongside the new episode of Teen Titans Go!, the short features Batman going up against Dr. Hugo Strange. "A brand new short from producer Bruce Timm featuring a...
  9. Ice

    Batman/Superman news and rumors

    Ben Affleck is the night! Ben Affleck is the dark! Ben Affleck. IS. BATMAN!
  10. Ice

    A 'New 52' designed Justice League Show?

    Eric Guzman Designing An Animated New 52 Justice League
  11. E

    This is the greatest page in the history of comics.

  12. ProjectX2

    The Dark Knight Rises discussion (spoilers!)

    Christopher Nolan delivered. This movie is incredible.
  13. Zombipanda

    Night of Owls crossover (spoilers)

    So, Batman #8 came out and with it, Doc's first backup story. Unfortunately, there's not much to say about it since it serves to set up the hook for the Bat-book crossovers, but it did the job well and was nicely written. Good use of pacing and all that. Just thought I'd mention it. I'll...
  14. Zombipanda

    Dear Batman

    You had a very traumatic childhood. You lost your parents at a young age, and that can be emotionally and psychologically crippling. I get that. But some days, I feel like that's all you talk about. Now, I hate to be insensitive, but it's not like they're my parents. I never even met the guys...
  15. E

    Doc Strangefate is writing backup stories on BATMAN! SRSLY!

    Just in case you guys haven't heard the incredibly amazing news - James Tynion IV - aka Dr. Strangefate - is going to be writing backup stories about the history of the Court of Owls in Scott Snyder's Batman... This is the most exciting news I think we've ever had here. Not only is Batman a...
  16. SSJmole

    LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

    from Also :lol::lol::lol: at a comment on there : Sooooo true
  17. Ice

    Beware the Batman! (2013)

    CG-Animated Beware The Batman To Hit Cartoon Network In 2013 A CG-animated series called Beware the Batman will debut on Cartoon Network in 2013, joining a DC Nation programming block that includes Young Justice, Green Lantern: The Animated Series and newly announced shorts featuring...
  18. ProjectX2

    The New 52 general discussion

    I thought we should have a general discussion thread for the new 52 titles which we can then split off into separate threads for each title depending on how much discussion there actually is. Quick thoughts: Action Comics #1 is a completely different Superman written by a completely different...
  19. Ultimate Houde

    Justice League - The New 52 (Geoff Johns) (spoilers)

    Justice League (The New 52 Version) Spoilers I found an advanced copy of this online. I found it boring. It's like I'm rewitnessing (Is that a word) origins of these characters all over again. It's so annoying that we have to go over this once again. Green Lantern not knowing Batman was...
  20. Captain Canuck

    Batman: Year One DTV

    Bryan Cranston - James Gordon Ben McKenzie - Bruce Wayne/Batman Eliza Dushku - Selina Kyle/Catwoman Katee Sackhoff - Sarah Essen Alex Rocco - Carmine Falcone Heatvision: